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Using FindAll Property in Test Complete Simplified

dim datelist
set calObj=Sys.Browser(“iexplore”).Page(“http://gmail.com”)
PropArray = Array(“contenttext”)
ValuesArray = Array(“18″)
‘—- Log.Message(“Count :” & UBound(datelist))
for each dt in datelist
‘ ——-Log.Message(dt.contenttext)

Calling actual VBScript functions in Powershell

$a = new-object -comobject MSScriptControl.ScriptControl
$a.language = "vbscript"
$a.addcode("function getInput() getInput = inputbox(`"Message box prompt`",`"Message Box Title`") end function" )
$b = $a.eval("getInput")

Development in Wide Range of Products

Back in days when I was on the Czech Technical University in Prague, I was thinking of myself as a good coder. I have to admit, that after several years of being in a corporate environment I’ve found I was totally wrong. 253 more words

Mapping WebTable to QTP DataTable

Dim rowCount, colCount, x, y

rowCount = Browser("Mortgage Calculator").Page("Mortgage Calculator").WebTable("Home Value:_2").RowCount
'msgbox rowCount
colCount = Browser("Mortgage Calculator").Page("Mortgage Calculator").WebTable("Home Value:_2").ColumnCount(rowCount)
'msgbox colCount

For i=1 to rowCount
      x = Browser("Mortgage Calculator").Page("Mortgage Calculator").WebTable("Home Value:_2").GetCellData(i,colCount)
      'y = Browser("Mortgage Calculator").Page("Mortgage Calculator").WebTable("Home Value:_2").GetROProperty("outerhtml")
      DataTable.GlobalSheet.AddParameter x,""
      'MsgBox y

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Mapping excel sheets and data to QTP DataTable

If you have ever worked with DataTable and Excel and dealt with importing data from excel to DataTable you know the importance of mapping excel sheet to DataTable. 162 more words


PowerShell vs VBScript

  1. PowerShell is more secure as it can use digital signature to prevent execution of malware, something that VBS does not offer,While VBS can be executed thru IE.
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Difference Between

Automated testing using QTP: Quick Test Professional

HP’s Quick Test Professional aka QTP is a very popular tool among people who want to automate their testing processes. For the folks who did not get opportunity to play with this tool, here is a bit of background on how it works: 583 more words