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Part 4: Customizing the Health-Workload Scoreboard widget in vCenter Operations Custom UI

Part 4 of the series will go into detail about how to configure the ‘Health-Workload Scoreboard’ widget with the vCenter Operations Manager Custom UI. This, as others, will help in you creating your custom dashboards for quick references for specific systems and/or environments. 464 more words


Quick Stats on Host not up-to-date

In VMware vSphere client (native and web client), sometimes you get this message in Summary tab of a host: “Configuration Issues: Quick stats on Host ‘xyz’ is not up-to-date” 31 more words


Delivery controller connection to vCenter in Xendesktop

During Xendesktop initial setup, while setting up a new site for delivering desktops: there is a step to connect to a hosting environment i.e. vSphere/Hyper-V etc., 199 more words


VMware Offers Disaster Recovery As A Service

Post by Charles Babcock (thank you)

VMware disaster recovery service lets customers automatically replicate business systems and data in one of VMware’s five vCloud Hybrid Service datacenters. 50 more words


Integrating vCenter Hyperic with vCenter Operations Manager

This is a quick-steps guide on how to integrate the vCenter Hyperic with vCenter Operations Manager, using the management pack for vCenter Hyperic. The management pack for vCenter Hyperic includes an embedded adapter and preconfigured dashboards. 580 more words


Now that the previous limitations have been removed for the number of Hosts and VMs supported by the vCenter Server Appliance in vSphere 5.5 allowing for increased scalability and additional functionality added,  what are you currently running on or planning to deploy?

6 more words

Auto Deploy Deep Dive, Part 4: Troubleshooting

Part 4 of the Auto Deploy Deep Dive Series details some of the issues I encountered along the way and how to troubleshoot them.

Troubleshooting… 2,612 more words