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Crossing the “Cloud” Chasm

– by Dhritiman Dasgupta (DD)

With any disruptive innovation, there will always be innovators and early adopters who eagerly jump on the bandwagon. Today, we’re seeing more and more businesses move to the cloud as users take advantage of its utility-based model and associated economic benefits. 205 more words


Cloud vs. Application Delivery

– by Dhritiman Dasgupta (DD)

There is no doubt that on-demand cloud services are gaining ground among corporate users of all sizes. Despite the obvious promises of greater flexibility and efficiency, the transition to cloud is incomplete until we can solve a few thorny issues. 252 more words


Remove a VMFS datastore using powershell

Recently I had to remove a lot of VMFS datastores from our VMWare infrastructure as we had migrated to new storage and no longer needed them. 1,123 more words


How do I determine what ESXi and vCenter builds I am running?

When starting a new VMware project or evaluating new features, it’s always good to start with the latest and greatest software versions. The following describes how to figure out what ESXi, vCenter, and Web Client you are currently running and if they are the latest build number. 250 more words


Building a Better Dashboard for Virtual Infrastructure


We built a pretty sweet dashboard for our R&D infrastructure using Graphite, Grafana, collectd, and a home-made VMware VIM API data collector script. 1,207 more words


Improving NSX GUI user experience

Working with NSX on different environments I found that the vSphere Web client can work slowly.

After I heard that others users complain about those problems, I decided to write some tips for improving user experience… 102 more words


vCenter Orchestrator Install and Config

I have wanted to get started with vCO for awhile now, but I have not had much of use for it. Justifying the time to deploy and learn a new tool when you don’t have a glaring need for it proves tricky, but recently I was able to carve out some time to learn. 723 more words