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Open Garden raises $11M as it adds more features to FireChat

Open Garden has built a name for itself with FireChat, an off-grid messaging app taken up by protest movements around the world, and it’s technology hasn’t gone unnoticed by the VC world. 250 more words

Darkside of Entrepreneurship....

Entrepreneurship is all about building startup credibility—with investors, partners, customers, the media and for self.

An Entrepreneur job is to create something out of nothing, which often means convincing people that there may be something in their idea. 568 more words


A Learning from Sillicon Valley....

The road may hold some surprises – reality has pot holes.

When driving, brick walls don’t suddenly appear and cause an accident.

They do when you’re trying to raise money. 612 more words


Understanding Everyday Participation research project partners' meeting

I was in London on Monday for a meeting of the partners in the Understanding Everyday Participation research project. This 5-year project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Connected Communities programme and by Creative Scotland. 275 more words


When Reality Hits Home....

I was always made aware that I was going to have to put in twice the effort if I was ever going to be successful. I’m black and I’m female – odds being stacked against me was part of the package right??? 399 more words

How to make a perfect business plan that appeals to Venture Capitalists (VCs)?

Although every small business (or startup) should always have a live business plan, which they can show it to their future investors at any time; most of the businesses don’t have a targeted business plan, which can work for them while acquiring some funding. 523 more words


These parking 'tickets' are a toothless threat!

As Christmas approaches, people may notice these signs on the road next to the Royal Mail Seacroft Delivery Office off Coal Road when they’re dropping off or picking up their parcels. 1,094 more words