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ZipWhip, a startup that is extending SMS beyond the mobile phone, has raised a $5 million Series B round led by Chicago private equity firm Ronin Capital. 44 more words

Choosing the right partner

In my previous post, I talked about the importance of having a financing strategy, and one of the most important elements of your financing strategy is selecting the right investor. 686 more words


Adventures in upgrading to System Release 10.5

I took some time to help a customer upgrade their system from CSR (Cisco System Release) 9.1 to 10.5 recently.  As any good upgrade goes, it wasn’t without some significant drama…. 981 more words

XMR (Cross Module Reference) to Verilog UDP (User Defined Primitive)

When simulating a gate level netlist, one of the most tedious tasks is to initialize the registers in the design to save simulation time.  You will also need backdoor access to force signal of certain part of the design to emulate some initialization process or register configuration. 409 more words


The importance of a Financing strategy

Every good entrepreneur has a clear business strategy. Most likely, he has also spent a lot of time thinking about his Go To Market (GTM) strategy and how to best acquire customers.   807 more words


Features of GIT

GIT has emerged as the most popular VCS(Version Control System) over the last 5 years.Big Tech Firms like Google,Facebook have started to use it to maintain their Open Source Code. 478 more words


Media's new found euphoria around startups, justified?

I’ve been discussing this with fellow journalists, entrepreneurs and some of my VC friends over the past year– how the mainstream media has discovered startups and lapped up every little thing that they do as front page news. 338 more words