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How Public Pensions are Subsidizing Hipster Lifestyles

I am a Lyft driver. Last week, I got an email from co-founder John Zimmer proclaiming that Lyft would no longer take commissions. Lyft has officially become a nonprofit startup. 195 more words

Bumpstart Investing

Branching in GIT

Branching in git is a wide topic. It is one of its main great features. A local git repository is made in a directory using: 445 more words


Git basics usage - or how to not destroy your tree from the start

Git is very easy – once you get used to it.

The learning curve in Git is usually around the workflow, which involves staging changes before pushing them to the remote repository. 2,949 more words


Should startup incubators, angel networks, and VCs charge application fees?

Image credit: Inc.com

We recently received an invitation to apply to a startup pitch competition called SXSW V2Venture taking place on July 16th in Las Vegas, Nevada. 52 more words


Blue Bottle's plan to become your coffee-snob friend wherever you are

How does a specialty coffee roaster with just 14 cafes in two cities get to national scale in a country in the size of the US, without losing its reputation for quality? 341 more words

How To Approach Investors

I was asked a straightforward question by another founder recently.  “How should I approach a potential investor?”

Although it’s a straightforward question, the answer is quite nuanced and depends on the specific situation at hand.   544 more words


Germany needs its own Skype-like exit, believes Linkedin co-founder

The problem with German startups is that they’re too focused on Germany, believes Konstantin Guericke. “Israeli companies don’t build products for the Middle East,” he told me during an interview this week. 336 more words