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Generate a Template

Students will create their desktop template from the Base Image they completed during the Generate a Base Image instruction.  To complete this step students will be naming their template and developing a policy to determine the maximum number of virtual machines within the… 378 more words


Generating a Base Image

This lab is centered on the generation of a Base Desktop Image. Note: the lab demo does not reflect the amount of time necessary to complete the entire process. 315 more words


PVDisk - free space on disk doesn't reflect space used

Hi all,
I recently deployed VDI in a Box for a customer who ask me this question : “We set up 60GB per PVDisk in VDI manager but we only see 30GB free on the p:\ drive of the deployed desktops. 225 more words


Hypervisor Grid Configuration

During this lab we will configure VDI-in-a-Box™ to communicate with the VMWare® vSphere™ or other hypervisor and begin to create the virtual grid. This process is required preparation to manage the guest machines within the ESXi™ host. 312 more words


Accessing VDI Management Server

During this lab exercise students will learn how to communicate with the VDI Management Server. The VDI Management Server is a virtual machine installed on the ESXi Server.   263 more words