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Giving back to Open

I often use public domain and creative commons licensed images and audio in my work. I really like the idea that high quality media is available for free to the public and that you can create something amazing without infringing on copyright. 137 more words


Who I am and why I'm here (with Pocket Ninjas)!

Existential, no? Don’t worry. I’m participating in a blogging challenge to see what new things I can learn about this hobby. Regular subscribers be warned, this probably means I’m going to be more post-happy-chatty over the period of the challenge. 881 more words



I don’t usually spam links/gossip about upcoming games, I leave that to the conglomerate shark infested waters of the (www). But Vektropolis needs a mention, it’s a game currently being crowd sourced on KickStarter and it looks absolutely beautiful. 19 more words


Smileys On WordPress.com - Secret Smilies And Emoticons Revealed !

People have taught me a few smilies along the way, and I generally pass on the favour and teach others. Most of you will have noticed that the smilies on WordPress.com have changed. 753 more words


HADOUKEN! Vector Style

Even though I haven’t played a Street Fighter game since the chicanery that was Super Street Fighter IV, I am and will forever be ( 48 more words

Video Games

New Smileys in WordPress!

I’d like to dedicate this post to express my gratitude to WordPress for launching new smileys..! :mrgreen: Haha.. I almost sent my complaint about how the smileys were getting old school.. 120 more words

My Diary