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Kentucky Derby Party poster

This one’s a design thing more than an art thing, but it’s kinda’ fun. This was inspired by a vintage postcard that Ray had, particularly the 3D typography. 45 more words


Orchid in Vector Illustrations and Web Graphics

A vector illustration of a tropical fern and dragonfly in the rainforest with orchids and heliconia.

A vector illustration of a leaf and butterfly in the rainforest. 260 more words


The Joker

A Vector illustration of the clown prince of crime, This illustration toke a while, many blurs and lowered opacity on layers but it turned out well.

A fine spring day and an illustration

Here is a sliver (sans graphics) of another illustration I’ve been working on this week for a client’s event. Viking woman meets Metropolis is essentially the visual theme— although it’s more specific, as will be apparent in the final, to be released on… 69 more words


sneaky peek two

Sneaky peek update. Colors are happening; atmosphere. It’s fun. I love it when work is enjoyable, satisfying; when I feel like I’m doing good work. 31 more words


VC2 - Of frogs and Valentines

The assignment was to promote the Herpetology Club.  Specifically, we had to both advertise their open house (where club members present herps, talk about them, and let guests handle them), and try to increase club membership as well.  323 more words