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Quantum Reality part 4 (beyond the Time issue)

Quantum Reality veers from Classical Physics, apart from other ways, by directly confronting & questioning Materialism (or the new & improved term Physicalism) head-on. As previously mentioned in the Quantum Reality 2 segment, doubting the… 1,130 more words


Atmananda part 6

Understanding the objective World & the “I”, not only establishes one’s self in the right center, but also destroys the samskaras (binding tendencies) relating to them. 858 more words


Self Knowldge pt 7 - Self & the Body part 1

Self Knowledge part 6:

For Self-Realization it is necessary to know the Self as transcendent of bodily form & limitation. By liberating oneself from the ignorant mis-identification with the body & its attributes, one abides as the Infinite & the Eternal. 693 more words


Time 7 – scientific (last Time episode for now)

We next return form this 7-part “Time” diversion to continue Quantum Reality segments. More could be said about Metaphysical Time & certainly more details will later appear about the Science of Time, but for now we conclude at the Beginning, the Big Bang when Time itself evolves within the Big Bang & the succeeding Weinberg’s… 703 more words


Bhagavad Gita & Social Media

Observing Left liberals is a favorite pastime of mine. Given the fact that I am Right of Center in my dispensation, I like to track and understand the opposing view. 2,041 more words


Quintessence of Vedanta part 6

696   It is only in the imagination of the foolish that universal Space seems to be cut into fragments, & it is only such persons who think that this wide Earth is cut up into fragments, such as states & nations. 1,187 more words