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Oftentimes, telling people that I don’t eat meat leads to one of two responses:

“Haha, tree-hugging nerd!”


“Oh my gosh! That’s so impressive! I could neeeevvvvvveeeeerrrrr give up meat forever!!!”

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coffee day

Hey gang. Today was supposed to be a day to rest as I have messed my legs up yesterday and need to let them heal but seeing as I need more vegetables I had no other choice but to go to the local shop, but first it was coffee time… 93 more words

Shopping Tips

Vegetables can be expensive, there’s no denying it.  But, and it’s a big but (much like mine…) they don’t need to be!

The cost of vegetables shouldn’t be a reason not to eat them because there… 881 more words


Lebanese Potato Salad

Another one of many gorgeous recipes from my Lebanese Kitchen cookbook. I would have better photos if my husband hadn’t been hounding me to sit down and start eating… 285 more words


Healthy Homebrewing?

My friends into home brewing. Every now and again he produces from his cupboard a strange bottle that’ll have some concoction in it! These days he’s been doing a lot of root veg wines!  18 more words


How To Not Chicken Out on Going Vegetarian

So, you’ve decided to start eating vegetarian, but every time you’re about to make the change, thoughts of a nice juicy steak sneak into your brain. 377 more words