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Joan as Police Woman, Suzanne Vega, Cat Power incantano Roma

Joan as Police Woman, Suzanne Vega, Cat Power. Sullo stesso palco, nella stessa città. “Luglio suona bene” all’Auditorium di Roma mette in programma un evento unico, totalmente al femminile. 82 more words


Double Chocolate Coffee Protein Shake

One of my go-to breakfasts during the summer are protein shakes or smoothies. Heavy bowls of hot oatmeal or eggs don’t really work for me during this season since it is so hot outside–cold smoothies are refreshing for these humid, hot days. 164 more words


workouts lately and refueling with vega.

I’m in a strange place with workouts right now.

Sometimes I just want to quit them all together. Sometimes I just want to jump ship on my random non-routine routine and join a Crossfit box to become a lady beast. 340 more words

Vega Sport review

I haven’t written many reviews on this blog in the past (in fact I think just one before now). Opportunities have come up but I have been particular about only wanting to try products that I’m truly interested in and match the content of my blog. 841 more words

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Turn Of the Whele

Shining Principate so noble and innocent
Under priestly vestments hides a plot most maleficent
Allegiance to the foe while praising The Chosen
If they only knew to whom he was beholden… 43 more words