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Salty Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Flapjacks

Wednesday nights seem so dull and empty now that the Great British Bake Off is over.  No more terrible puns and double entendres, no more of Richard’s pencil tucked behind his ear, no more gems from Norman (my personal favourite:  “I’m using pesto – that’s exotic”).   265 more words


Cranberry, orange & apricot scones.

Because a couple times a year a crave baked good for breakfast and today is one of those days. These are super easy to make and ready in less than half an hour, dishes washed and all. 179 more words


Vegan (Superfood) Chocolate Brownies !!

So I’m not going to lie, I like sweet things. “Sweet tooth” doesn’t quite cover it, but might go someway to explaining why I jumped at the chance to eat 9 (!!!) consecutive chocolate bars, when challenged by a “friend” at college –  added bonus, my “friend” even provided the bars. 475 more words


Luscious tofu cheesecake (what the..?)

Happy sunday everybody!

Kaffee und Kuchen

As you might have noticed, Frieda has been absent for a while. Well, she is touring through the U.S. in search of the best burger joint in the country. 419 more words


Blackberry bakewells.

So on the way back from work the other day I decided to be a greedy bastard and pick some of the last remaining blackberries of the season, leaving some for the birds of course, and being an idiot freaking out whenever I touched a spider by accident… when I got home I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with them, I just wasnt feeling a basic muffin or whatevz. 438 more words


Fluffy egg-free cupcakes

Baking great looking, tasty cupcakes without dairy and eggs is – contrary to common belief – no problem at all! My favorite cupcake recipe at the moment is based on one by… 334 more words


The White Chocolate Challenge

My officemate Plug had been bugging me to make him a white chocolate cake for his birthday months in advance. I had made a vegan chocolate cake… 448 more words