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1. Soak a cup of beans overnight. I used a quarter cup each of black, Mayacoba, pinto, and hominy. Then rinse them.

2. Get the beans started. 242 more words


Strawberry & Blueberry Cobbler Pie

One of my favorite things to do is cook for other people. Whether it’s cooking a delicious meal for friends, family & co-workers, bringing a jar of fresh salsa as a… 449 more words



Get out your torches, let’s storm those hellish omnivore-paleo homes!

Here’s the sort of story that would be used enthusiastically by media and their mass of puppets to condemn vegan diets: … 533 more words

Vegan Indulgences, Part I

I saw a peculiar pin on Pinterest last week. Vegan queso. Sounds gross, right? 

I don’t know what compelled me to try it (ok, I want to find some healthy-ish indulgences to have while I’m training to crush Oprah). 225 more words

Oprah's Kitchen

Greetings from the Land of Kiwis

Is it a bird, a fruit, a person. . . or all of the above?  

After almost two weeks in this beautiful land of all kinds of kiwis, we are settling in and beginning to get our bearings. 576 more words

Kale Hummus (Or, What Monday Night Miracles Are Made Of)

(post by Julie)

I eat a lot of hummus. A LOT of hummus. Any time of day, any meal or snack, there’s nothing that seems to satisfy like the ground up garbanzo. 714 more words


The Shopping list-Part One

Perhaps one of the toughest parts of living out of home is the need for meal planning and grocery shopping. Playing house when my family were away, going grocery shopping was a whole lota’ fun. 454 more words