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Nom Nom NOM!

Bahhh. Sorry, folks. Haven’t posted in over a week. SHAME ON ME! The truth? I haven’t had coffee in over a week, which generally acts as the catalyst to my posting. 429 more words


Koftat Batatis (Potato Kofta)

When we used to visit my dad’s childhood home in Sudan, I’d carefully watch the way my aunts would make Koftat Batatis, completely intrigued by the time and effort they put in to make these tasty treats. 531 more words


Vegan French Toast

A Saturday full of yumminess! I had a lie in and woke up so hungry I was ready to eat anyone who got in the way of food. 126 more words

World's best guacamole recipe...

Thanks Flicka for this insanely delicious guacamole recipe.  Tried and tested it today and it is indeed the world’s best guacamole!

3 garlic cloves, 1 to 2 chillies depending on fire requirements, 1/2 large red onion wizzed up so its in tiny chopped pieces, so you can still get some crunch but it flows through all avocado beautifully… 94 more words

Six Essential Vegan Cooking Techniques and Cheats

A couple weeks back, I posted (here) about how much I love Mark Bittman’s style of recipe writing because, rather than merely providing instructions on how to make one specific dish, he offers tools and skills you can use to get creative in the kitchen. 525 more words


Roasted Veggies

     The humidity and heat have finally given us a break.  Dare I say it’s over?  We can only hope.  So, I turned the oven on and made Roasted Veggies: 191 more words

My favorite Polish vegan blogs

I remember the first time I took a vacation to Central and Eastern Europe and people warned me that people ate MOSTLY meat here and I would have no options. 729 more words

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