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Boyfriend-Friendly Vegan Pizzas

There is no question that eliminating conventional food, household and personal products from your diet and living space will do wonderful things for your health; however, it’s not always so great for your relationships! 656 more words

My 5 Vegan Must-Eats in Los Angeles

I’m really lucky to be vegan in Los Angeles. There are SO MANY GOOD EATS that it’s mind-blowing. Plus, we’re soon getting a vegan cheese shop… 460 more words


Summer Parlor Crew, Come & Say Hi!

Neighborhood dive bar & vegan pizza haven. These guys miss you. So stop by for a beer, slice, or bring your whole gang in for a pizza and good times!

What I've had since becoming a starch-based vegan.

What a title.

Curried spaghetti squash with chickpeas.

Baked sweet potato and broccoli quinoa stir fry.

Pasta salad and fried potatoes with curry ketchup

Bean chili burritos and lemon cilantro brown rice. 16 more words


Vegan Moxarella Cheese

Great for using in macaroni cheese, lasagne or pizzas. This soft cheese is also excellent for spreading on toast or for making grilled cheese sandwiches. It forms a nice crust, similar to dairy cheeses. 150 more words
Gluten Free Recipes

Kid's Choice

Over the years, and most recently, my presentation in the kitchen has gone from dramatic/indulgent/gourmet cooking to quick/fresh/creative un-cooking!  In keeping up with the kid’s energy and steady metabolism, I’ve found lots of green smoothies, much fruit and many creative salads to be the majority of what I  prepare. 230 more words


Rainbow chard abundance // Cauliflower base pizza

Living in a flat I don’t exactly get the chance to grow and harvest my own food. Even my window sill gardening has come to an abrupt end after that… 702 more words