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Homemade - no added sugar - Apple Sauce

This weekend I will be baking vegan carrot cake cupcakes, to give to my local coffee / cake shop, a bit of an experiment – and I might even share them with my yoga gang during our course on Saturday. 333 more words

Eating Clean

Mexican Vegetable Stew

Here is another dish I served last month when I needed a vegetarian option. Because I was serving Turkey Chili with cornbread to my meat-eating friends, it seemed logical to have a tomato-based vegetarian stew for my non-meat-eating friends. 163 more words


Quick Veggie Stir Fry over Creamy Coconut Quiona + Book Recommendation

This past Monday was one of those classic “Manic Mondays” for me. I got up extra early, but still managed to have to run out the door because of a just plain tragic hair day, had a million emails to answer at work since our system was down the previous week, took my lunch time run and shoveled in some food before I had to be back on the clock, and had an equally stressful afternoon, which, I hate to admit, involved just how shitty my hair continued to look all day long. 396 more words


Guest Blogger: The Veggy Side of Me - My Soft Sesame Buns

The third time is always the charm. Please welcome back Laura, from The Veggy Side of Me, as she’s back with a brand new recipe for soft sesame buns. 198 more words

Guest Bloggers

Pumpkin & Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Pancakes for breakfast, pancakes for dinner… pancakes ALL the time! When I made these, this was totally my dinner. I didn’t even ask Joe because I knew he wouldn’t be down… I just went for it. 220 more words


Recipies for Lazy Vegans Part One: Granola In a Bowl-a

WARNING: This post contains no facts or news about Ebola.

More dilly dallying…

Side note:

I have been vegan for about three months. When I first started out I had a slight problem: What do I eat… 373 more words


Eat a Colorful Rainbow

Eat the Rainbow!

Blueberry Smoothie


Fancy Treats

Fresh mint

Berry Infused Water

Lime… 27 more words