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Karina Reviews Stuff: Superdrug Shampoo

In my non-vegan days, I used L’oreal shampoo and I hate to say it, but it worked wonders. In my teens (god, I’m still not used to saying that) I bleached and dyed my hair a lot which totally killed my hair – but L’oreal shampoo definitely helped. 478 more words


Ginger Tea

I really love Ginger tea because it has such a light and refreshing flavour. But it’s also great because it does a whole bunch of things which are really great for you health. 312 more words


Grilled eggplant

The other day my body was craving for some fresh juicy eggplant so I made some.

With these basic steps, I ended up with these gorgeous babies. 200 more words

Conscious Uncoupling

I suppose it’s old news at this point, but one of my favorite celebrity couples, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, has split — or “consciously uncoupled” in the famous words of Gwyneth, herself.   322 more words



I’m coming out. I want the world to know. I’m gonna let it show. I’m coming out. ….la la lala la la….

Okay so it’s not the coming out you might think it is after my Miranda Hart style song intro, but it is a significant coming out of sorts.

681 more words

Vegan Easter Recipes Round-Up

I remember Easter at my aunt Suzette’s (yes, like the crêpes!) when I was little: driving to Zeebrugge, playing in the living room with the kids while the adults caught up with one another, the fierce sea breeze whipping our faces during our walks, and the  257 more words


Quinoa con verdure piatto primaverile

La quinoa è un cereale molto amato dagli sportivi, e se si imparano i giusti tempi di cottura e quantitativi di sale, può essere ottimo anche come pranzo primaverile o estivo, da consumare subito oppure anche da portarsi al lavoro. 141 more words

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