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Fresh Orange Cake

This is a great cake recipe from Let Them Eat Vegan, pictured here topped with Fluffy Macadamia Mallow Frosting (from the same book). The cake involves orange juice and non-dairy yoghurt and produces a very satisfying, yummy cake with a great texture. 71 more words


Ice Date

So I have to rave about my latest dairy-free and vegan ice cream discovery, Ice Date. It’s located in Maxvorstadt on Amalienstrasse 91.

The ice-“cream” is organic and made of cashew nuts, water, dates and organic fruits and/or nuts. 129 more words

Day 6: Let me pull up real quick...

Hello beautiful friends!

I just want to quickly mention that this little guy has better form than me, and he’s using rings. One day panda, one day. 521 more words


No Knead Bread

There is nothing like the smell of ¬†freshly baked bread. Too bad it’s so hard to make, right? Wrong! This recipe is so easy, it made me wonder why I’d ever get bakery bread again. 279 more words



This is a recipe from the superhero section of The Kind Diet. To me, these are glumkis. They are cabbage leaves stuffed with yummy rice and veggies and they are fantastic. 72 more words



Catching up with friends is always so interesting! Just yesterday my sister and I decided to visit a friend’s vegan bakery store located in a quirky side-road¬†of the heart of Vienna, Am Hof. 97 more words


Green Monster

Breakfast : Green Monster


You should have it because,

this is a good start of your day. You will feel happy all day about having a good breakfast. 440 more words