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veganish - week 4

So we are heading into our 4th week of eating veganish.

Over the last three weeks a lot has changed. The most exciting for me (because it looks so pretty) are my… 819 more words


A healthy cake that actually tastes good!

So when scrolling through endless ‘healthy’ cake recipes on Pinterest in an attempt to keep my baking addiction slightly healthy I constantly find myself baking things that in reality taste horrible. 181 more words


Thai Red Lentil Soup ~ Warm Spices, Creamy Coconut Milk & Fresh Lime

Coming home to a bowl of lentil soup is cozy and comforting.  Here, the humble red lentil is elevated to new heights.  My version is made with coconut milk. 999 more words


Banana Soft Serve

Anyone out there have a food weakness? We all do and I’ll admit that mine is Ice Cream.

Luckily frozen yogurt has become a trend, which is a slightly healthier alternative that my body has thanked me for. 195 more words

Healthy Living

What Meat is Actually Good For: New Data Revealed

Earlier this week the National Meat and Fish Oversight Committee (NMFOC) in New Cordell, Oklahoma announced controlled findings on what “meat” is actually good for. While the study, which was partly funded by the Food and Drug Administration and Tyson Foods, was set out to explore the nutritional and dietary advantages of meat, it instead revealed new, unexpected results. 217 more words


Toasted Coconut Banana Cream Chia Seed Pudding

Remember all the times I’ve said I would stop with the super long recipe names? Well to quote Phil Collins, “It’s all been a pack of lies!”. 665 more words


Zoodles of Fun

If there’s one thing my close friends and family know about me, it’s that I absolutely love pasta. If I could, I would eat pasta every day of my life! 228 more words