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Turkeys, Thanksgiving, and Vegan Pumpkin Pie

I love turkeys. They’re fluffy, adorable birds with unique personalities. They enjoy roosting in trees, exploring nature, and socializing with family and friends. They use specific sounds to communicate with each other, which have been studied and observed to make up a unique bird language. 692 more words

Crock Pot Tortilla Soup

Thanksgiving is always an interesting holiday for vegetarians. Usually people serve turkey, ham, and gravy…all food items that are not vegetarian-friendly. Well, Hans’ family isn’t different. 341 more words

In The Kitchen

Frozen yoghurt "frozen", Melbourne, Australia

Delicious treat shared with my special love today. We chose green tea and hazelnut almond milk flavours. Personally the green tea was very vibrant and rich in flavour where the alternate flavour was rather watery and weak in strength. 45 more words

Mexi-salad with slow cooked back beans

There were plenty of slow cooked black beans, and other fillings leftover from the soft tacos, so the next night I made a big Mexican-inspired salad, and served it on freshly cooked pita bread chips. 54 more words


FFV's Impossible Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Tonight I was saved by a pie.

Not really, but it did fill a void in my soul belly.

I spent my thanksgiving with my inlaws, and none of them are vegetarian, let alone vegan, so unless I pack it in, I go without. 233 more words

Gluten Free

Soft tacos with slow cooked black beans

Well after a busy six weeks or so, studying flat out, I’ve completed and passed my course. So I figured I should catch up with my blogging a bit, and set my mind to things other than completing assignments and working. 283 more words


Rose petal jam (uncooked)

This unusual jam is delicious, but you do need to be selective with the rose petals: pick the freshest and most fragrant ones you can find. 434 more words