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Videri Chocolate Factory

There’s a special place in a chocolate lover’s heart for bean-to-bar chocolatiers like Videri whose founders are committed to creating great chocolate while following the tenets of social responsibility and providing warm and friendly customer service. 397 more words

Food And Recipes


When is a vegetarian not a vegetarian?  This is not really a riddle, but a question with many answers if not reasons.  Most of us would be familiar with the vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian (no eggs) and vegan (no animal products either) continuum, but there are many variations on the theme, related to spiritual motivation.  1,681 more words

Indian Cooking

I DON'T EAT THIS (vegan edition)

Mit dem Vegan-werden habe ich nur angefangen, weißen Zucker zu meiden.
Inzwischen ist es jedoch viel mehr, das ich nicht mehr essen kann oder will. Was und warum, ganz kurz und knapp, folgt jetzt: 735 more words


We Know Better

“We owe the animals our profoundest apologies. Defenseless and unable to retaliate, they have suffered immense agonies under our domination that most of us have never witnessed or acknowledged. 31 more words


Pumpkin and quinoa porridge

This might sound like a funny combination, but it actually tastes great and surprisingly not heavy.  It is also great way to use up that little bit of pumpkin in the fridge. 80 more words


Should Plants Have Rights?

Any person of reason will agree that nonhuman animals should have rights. But what about plants? That’s the question individuals across the nation are asking. ‘Sure, vegans aren’t funding the murder of animals,’ these “plant rights activists” say, ‘but they  211 more words


Day Three Summary

October 23: Sea Vegetables and Grains!

Today, we worked with alternative forms and types of grains, including couscous, quinoa, buckwheat, oats, and more. Although the grain food group is commonly made the largest portion of food guides, many people do not know how to work with grains other than wheat. 129 more words