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Lessons learned

I got a pile of old gardening magazines from a friend and while I’ve been going through them I’ve been finding various things I should have done differently in the garden this year. 207 more words


Product Review: Food Huggers

The Ranting Chef does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufactures or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. 320 more words


Purple Cauliflower

Look at the colour! No – it is NOT G.M.O.

Try purple cauliflower when you are bored with the plain white one! XD (I found mine at Coles Merrylands) but they should be available Australia-wide! 11 more words


Frozen Vegetables

We all know it is good to eat vegetables, but they don’t stay fresh in fridge for weeks after purchase from supermarkets.

The alternative is the frozen vegetables which can be stored for 1 year, be consumed in small portions without the hassles of washing, pealing and cutting. 56 more words


Sweet potato and celery root mash

Recently, we had an intruder in our organic vegetable basket. Intruder identified as celery root (known alias: celeriac).

Zannat Reza

My little box of heaven

The house has finally been cleared of all vegetable plants as a teeny tiny greenhouse now serves as their new home!

It really is a very small greenhouse and it will not be able to hold anything apart from the tomatoes, but then maybe the less than carefully considered plan of growing sixteen tomato plants was not among my brightest. 187 more words


Harvest time vol. 1

Here it is – my first homegrown courgette! It is also the first bit of proof that all my hard work hasn’t been wasted. I say hard work, but actually I’ve put very little work into maintaining the plants. 200 more words