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(Mostly) Egg White (Sort of) Frittata

I did not make this (sort of) frittata from (mostly) egg whites because I wanted it to be healthier and threw away all the yolks. (That will happen… 1,147 more words


Smoky Roasted Broccoli

I consider myself lucky to have a husband who likes cooking and is good at it. We take turns cooking dinner on a weekly basis, and sometimes we argue about whose week it is because we both have recipes picked out that we want to try. 803 more words


Rava Idli (Steamed semolina cakes)

Winter has taken toll all over US. Cold winter nights call for sizzling hot food. I love South Indian food. I got lucky. During engineering days, I relished (or I must say hogged) South Indian treats from my good friend’s lunch box.  295 more words



By Richard Witting

I was struck many years ago by a  scene  I saw in a film called The Field. In it an old farmer and his son haul heavy packs full of seaweed a long distance to lay it on their field to fertilize it. 1,189 more words


Spices, Climate and Health

By Emily Shea

For this post, I decided to think about the environment in terms of the natural surroundings that are constantly shaping human culture and biology. 899 more words


Seeing is Believing

By Becky Chitro

One of the reasons why pollution is a difficult thing to prevent is because it is a difficult thing to witness. We are inclined to stop other damaging abuses in our lives because we can see the effects as they are happening, but with pollution, the majority of the time it is either camouflaged or invisible. 523 more words