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Potato and Carrot Stew

Whenever I make Idiyappam or Aappam, i make this spicy stew.
Coconut milk used in this recipe contributes to the unique flavour and richness of the stew. 256 more words

Vegetable Curry

Paavakai Varuval( Bitter gourd stir fry)

Bitter gourd is known as Paavakai in Tamil and Karela in Hindi.
Due to its bitter taste not many are fond of this vegetable, though it is very rich in minerals and vitamins. 301 more words

Vegetable Curry

Dalchini - Indian Food at Mushrif Mall

I haven been eating Indian food every single day for the past two months. It’s pretty much the only affordable eating-out option, which is not unhealthy fast food. 526 more words

Mustard Green - Authentic Punjabi Recipe

  • One of my friend  mentioned abt saag her mother-in-law made while treating me to nice punjabi lunch and it stayed with me. I was gonna make it my way but then  thought i should ask her for recipe since some traditional ways of cooking things has always some wisdom.
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Vegetable Curry

Easy Chickpeasy Gabocha pumpkin curry!

This delicious pumpkin is in season here at the moment and is sold in chunks, by weight at stalls and markets.
It is so sweet and you can steam it in chunks, add it to stews, bake it or when you cook it right down, it melts so as to make a thick, bright yellow sauce. 237 more words

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Dosa With Sweet Potato Filling

  • Do you know that ppl from Ryukyu Islands in japan have highest life expectancy in the world and 1 of their staple food is purple sweet potatoes.
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Vegetable Curry

Ridge gourd curry/Peerkangai poriyal recipe

Ridge gourd is known as Peerkangai in tamil.Ridgegourd is low in saturated fat and high in dietary fiber.It has a high water content making it a very low calorie vegetable.Some Ridge gourds are bitter to taste,so it is very important to buy tender Ridge gourds for cooking. 150 more words