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Dosa With Sweet Potato Filling

  • Do you know that ppl from Ryukyu IslandsĀ in japan have highest life expectancy in the world and 1 of their staple food is purple sweet potatoes.
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Vegetable Curry

Ridge gourd curry/Peerkangai poriyal recipe

Ridge gourd is known as Peerkangai in tamil.Ridgegourd is low in saturated fat and high in dietary fiber.It has a high water content making it a very low calorie vegetable.Some Ridge gourds are bitter to taste,so it is very important to buy tender Ridge gourds for cooking. 150 more words


Snake gourd kootu/Pudalangai kootu recipe

Snake gourd is a well known veggie used in various Indian recipes.They are pale green or grey green in colour.It is rich in fiber and its laxative property cures constipation.It gives a cooling effect to our system.Also helps in weight for they are very low in calories.I have posted here a recipe of snake gourd with just a tsp of oil. 156 more words


My very easy Cauliflower & Zucchini Curry

A few days ago I went to my favorite Organic Shop and bought plenty of nice tasty vegetables & fruits. I even found kale (!) which is really difficult for me to find where I live! 174 more words


Nyonya Food, Vegetable Dishes

We have some very refine vegetable dishes. Great dishes and very appetizing to eat.

I remember when I was young, I do not get to cut vegetable for refined dishes. 478 more words

Cooking On Holiday

Butternut Squash In Yogurt Sauce

  • This is another good way to use butternut squash. Cooked squash first in pressure cooker.
  • Do seasoning , add spices, squash and saute for few mins until squash is cooked.
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Vegetable Curry

What to eat in Fall ?

  • Fall is here. It’s cooler and leaves have turned colorful. Weather changing time is when mostly people get sick. So you want to stay in harmony with nature.
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Vegetable Curry