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Turmeric, pink geranium, some beautiful purple leafed tree, kangaroo paw, tiny little purple bell flowers and spinach (which is just out of the picture and pretty unimpressive), in anticipation of about a hundred kilograms of Alpaca I’m picking up from Summertown today, and my brand new (old and fixed and serviced) Ashford spinning wheel I’m collecting from Ron, the spinning wheel whisperer, tomorrow, to spin my way through the summer, waiting for the seductress that is Australia’s most soulless city to release her grip on us for good.

Slow Living

Nothing to do four days before a writing deadline but procrastinate over pots of bubbling loquat jam (thank you beautiful aldgate) and vegetable dye. Might have to remember next time not to cook the fruit in the same pot I cooked up the kangaroo paw, just in case it’s deadly. 197 more words

Slow Living

Kāthā ki kathā

Catechu – One of the oldest dye stuffs known to man, and that too by many names; sample this – Acacia catechu, Acacia catechuoides, 516 more words

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