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Garden News

Things are growing right along in the garden.  The second bean planting is blooming.  This evening I harvested the first picking of beans and we ate them up for supper. 383 more words

Vegetable Garden (90 Days) Week 12

Things in the vegetable garden have taken an unexpected turn.  Never before have I had to share this yard with so many creatures, the worst I thought being the groundhog that ate all the broccoli and cabbage (Not once BUT TWICE! 389 more words

Vegetable Garden

Gardening Adventures!

Dear Reader,

My garden is growing!!! Every week I try and take a picture, to prove to myself that my wee plants are indeed getting bigger. 20 more words


First Tomato of the Year!

Too bad it is a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde tomato.

I’d guess this is a case of Blossom End Rot (BER) but it doesn’t look quite like the pictures.   72 more words

Vegetable Garden

Summer Vegetable Garden

I thought it was past time for an update on how our summer garden is doing. Ryder has pretty much ruined most of our garden by playing his favorite game, which is chase me around the yard to try and get the soccer ball. 183 more words


July 24, 2014

I took a big chance. The kind of wild risk we gardeners take in the summer. I went on vacation and left my son in charge of watering the garden and grounds. 437 more words