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The Best Moment for a Gardening Virgin - The Raised Bed Diaries #3

What is the greatest moment for a trainee gardener, starting out? After all that hardwork, digging and shovelling manure and topsoil, stamping the plot down and raking it over and over, and then setting up my trays, planting teeny tiny little seeds in their little modules, I have some rewards! 44 more words

Wildflower Meadow #2: 13th April 2014

We used Nature’s Haven ‘Easy Wildflowers’ – a mix containing corn flowers, corn poppies, oxeye daisies and corn marigolds. We used a bag and a half for our plot, which we mixed with sand to ensure we could identify which areas we had covered when setting the seed. 84 more words


Brave New World

According to a number of websites, before starting a blog you need to ask yourself “why do you want to do it?”

I’ve always enjoyed writing and kept a diary up to the age of 16 when I accidentally left it open for my mum to read and was then grounded for six months… 487 more words


Nurture & Nature ... The Raised Bed Diaries #2

So I have begun starting my seeds off! Mum showed me properly how to do my trays. As you can see here, they’re only half full, so I’m about to drop my seeds in. 132 more words

It's a Gardener's World... The Raised Bed Diary #1

Many a hot summer holiday’s fun activity was being dragged around sticky greenhouses and garden centres… as a typical moody teenager, it wasn’t my idea of fun! 216 more words

Filling my raised beds

Now I’ve got my raised beds I face two new questions, quite aside from what to grow in them:

  1. Should I line them with some sort of membrane, plastic or otherwise?
  2. 596 more words
Year 1

How to Choose What to Grow for a Thriving Winter Vegetable Patch

With so many delicious types of vegetables and herbs available to grow these days, how do you choose what is right for you to ensure you get a healthy crop of vegetables from your patch over winter? 1,420 more words