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The Fence

Another day spent productively in the garden, a lovely walk apart from the ending, some healthy food and some not!

I began with a juice; orange, half a lemon, half a beetroot, 3 celery sticks, 3 Swiss chard leaves, a carrot and an apple. 902 more words

Pumpkin Patch

I am a HUGE sucker for Halloween and for the past few years we have managed to grow pumpkins in our vegetable patch. This year is no different; but already these plants are humongous compared to recent years! 288 more words


The Raised Bed Diaries #12 - Out of Control Spinach

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I now have a backlog of drafts and photos to plough through! I seem to be doing them on a crop rotation at the moment, so today’s Veg in the Spotlight appears to be… SPINACH! 347 more words


The Not-the-Raised-Bed Diaries

As my vegetables grow bigger and take over more of the garden, I realise they are bloating the limits of the Raised Bed Diaries, and so I have carefully decided to create a sister series – the Non-Raised Bed Diaries! 450 more words

Vegtastic Again

Going away at the weekend has helped me remember how much I enjoy eating lots of vegetables.  Since I came back, I have eaten very little else, most of which was home grown which is immensely satisfying. 568 more words

greenhouse shame

This was going to be a boring post about TAX and ebooks, but I’ll save that until I have made a call to the US tax authorities. 231 more words

Writing Notes

Sweet Peas

I spent many very happy hours in the garden today.  The spinach had bolted so I saved what I could and pulled up the straggly bits and sowed more spinach seeds. 816 more words