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Roasted Chicken Thighs with Mustard-Thyme Sauce

I have spent uncountable hours of my life cooking chicken.  Chicken with and chicken without.  Chicken whole and chicken parts.  Chicken roasted, broiled, grilled, sautéed, fried, sauced, souped, and brothed.   558 more words


Flavonoids – what is this ?

Flavonoids are natural substances of plant origin with antioxidant properties. Flavonoids are plant immune system and transferred to our bodies to fulfill the function of our protection.They are common in flowers, fruits , seeds, leaves and roots , giving plants the color , taste and smell (eg fruits , which have a very high content of flavonoids , for example berries of dark color ) . 662 more words

Health Food

Dwarf Broad Bean (The Sutton)

Easy to grow dwarf variety.
For spring or autumn sowing.
Sow Apr-May, Apr-Oct.
Sowing to cropping 12-14 weeks.
Height 38-45cm (15-18″).
High yields of tasty beans. 108 more words


Spring Cleaning

Let the sunshine in! Finally spring is here and so is that time honored tradition called Spring Cleaning. You never know what might be way back in those cupboards… 56 more words


Angel Community Garden, Tonbridge

A guest post by writer Karen Hart

Dirty old plastic bags or lush scented herbs? The glint of broken glass or golden wallflowers? I didn’t need a second to decide when I visited the… 363 more words


Turkey Vegetable Meatballs

Every single time I juice I watch my husband scrape out the juicer and toss money straight into the garbage. Seriously, that’s how I view it when all that leftover juice pulp goes into the trash can. 363 more words


Kale (Dwarf Green Curled)

Ultra-hardy, a great source of winter ‘greens’. Also known as ‘borecole’.
Highly nutritious winter vegetable.
Sow Mar-May, Harvest Sep-Mar.
Ultra-hardy, a great source of winter ‘greens’. 142 more words