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The Fruits (And Veg) Of My Labour

My brussels sprouts are finally sort of starting to look like brussels sprouts! Man they’re slow! Hopefully they’ll get bigger quickly from now so I can eat them before it gets to hot and they go all floppy and open. 202 more words


Stuffed Vegetable Shashlyks, Eggplant and Zucchini Caviar

So you spent your summer preparing exotic shashlyks on the mangal. Making a döner kebab holds no secrets for you anymore. You’ve mastered the art of the… 756 more words


Roasted Brussels Sprouts

I love Brussels Sprouts. Roasting them makes for a slightly salty, delicious crunch – especially when you add bacon. They are healthy and tasty and I’m always trying to get people on the sprouts wagon.   115 more words


Tricks Grocery Stores use to make you spend more money

Grocery stores use many tricks in order for you to buy at their store such as incentives, sales, etc.  However, I have to wonder what happened to the scales that were strategically placed throughout the fresh vegetables and fruit sections of any grocery store.  171 more words


Unique Health

Melissa Z. Guajardo

Everyone’s body is unique. They need to be taken care of differently, honestly. Someone can probably withstand certain foods and lifestyles, and others….not so much. 166 more words

Comfort Food

What comes to mind when you hear “comfort food”?  For me, it’s typically a soup or rice dish that my mother would make.  One of my all time, hands down favorite rice dish is this little creation, bibimbap.  262 more words