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Blueberry Halloumi Salad

I’ll never forget the first time I tried halloumi. I was fifteen years old and my family and I went to a Greek restaurant down the street to celebrate my mom’s birthday. 471 more words

Beetroot Pulav/Fried beet rice

Beetroot Fried Rice

I don’t know if it is a cultural thing or a motherly thing that I always ask my children what they ate if they did not have home made lunch. 560 more words


To Dhal, or not to Dhal

Woke up this morning (dah nahnahnahnah!), my dhal was dead (dah nahnahnahnah!)……

Sorry, wrong “woke up this morning” gig.  That one’s next Saturday at Fat Joe’s Crocodile-Rock Shackarama, … 336 more words

Strawberry Basil Ice Pops

Do you have extra strawberries hanging around in the freezer? How about some extra basil? Well, here’s a seasonal summer ice pop will get you through even the hottest of days. 56 more words

Nathan Lyon

Soups with SS Round Up!

Shruti and I are so glad that we did the event Soups with SS. If I say that it was a successful event then I am not boasting about it. 613 more words

It Eats Like a Meal: Everyday Green Smoothie

What do you get when you put all of these ingredients into a blender? Deliciousness, my friends. Pure deliciousness.  The fact that it’s an actual hearty green smoothie makes it even better, because unlike the situation I find myself in with many green smoothies, I don’t find myself ready to chew off my own arm an hour after drinking this one. 252 more words


Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Protein packed potatoes! Sweet potatoes are an excellent substitute for white potatoes if you’re trying to clean up your diet. We packed them with grated cheese, arugula, and black beans and a poached egg for some lean protein. 252 more words