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feliciaAPPROVED Ranch Dressing

I have been craving ranch dressing for like a week now. It is a super weird craving for me, as I typically prefer balsamic-based dressings, but it is what it is. 747 more words


The Veggie Life

I have been a vegetarian for about 5 years. (I still eat fish on occasion because of its health benefits). Being a vegetarian does not get brought up that often though. 1,682 more words

SPC 213

Dry noodle

This is a dish that looks complex, but it is actually extremely easy. The name ‘dry noodle’ is quite deceptive—the dish itself is not dry, per se. 617 more words

Easy Recipe

Ode to Flor de Calabaza

My husband and I spent three weeks vagabonding through Mexico this past winter. I was lured by the chance to taste new foods, of course, and to explore cenotes–beautiful underground watering holes central to Mayan culture. 594 more words

Garden Inspired

Annie's Favs: Naked Infusions Salsa - Organic!

Our friends over at Naked Infusions shared 6 jars of their delicious, organic salsas all the way from California!

The flavors (featured above) are magical: 57 more words

Less Than $20

Given the Opportunity

Last night I made some Indian food and thought that merited some activity here other than the occasional spambot comment.

My friend John gave me a quart of raw milk on Saturday, and rather than say, drink it, I decided to make… 136 more words

Vegetarian Friendly

Pantry check - Lentils

“The word ‘lens’ is actually derived from lentils”

If you don’t know anything about lentils, it’s an ancient crop that has been consumed by the humankind since … well,  a very long time ago, I’m no archaeologist so I don’t know the exact number…  suffice to say it’s so old that the word ‘lens’ is actually derived from lentils due to its shape. 288 more words

Vegetarian Friendly