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Heirloom Tomato Caprese

If you like tomatoes, you will love this salad! My mother introduced me to the vinaigrette, which tastes great as a meat marinade, too! The dressing and the fresh tomatoes are key to this simple recipe ‘s tantalizing flavors. 318 more words

Beetroot delights

I made these juice mixes over the last two days, and they were delish!  I followed a basic recipe from one of my books and then went a bit rogue and added items that were looking a little like they would go off very soon, so I used them up quickly! 206 more words


Some Thoughts About Cabbage

Cabbage is, I think, a kinda orphan vegetable.  Chefs use a few leaves to make all types of roulades in the winter and almost everyone has a favorite summertime coleslaw, but otherwise it is just always there in the produce section pleading for cooks to do something wonderful with it.  199 more words


Crispy Not Deep Fried Tofu

I have been planning this post for a while, but today I am a little distracted.

YEAH!!!!! Team Canada!!!!!! Gold in hockey for both women and man!!!!!!!! 207 more words


Summertime Veggie Galette

It started to feel like summer was coming! It even got a little warm around here… and the snow melted… and I made this summertime inspired veggie galette. 474 more words


Veggie Italian "Pasta"

Hello everyone!  Happy Monday!  Oh and welcome to our new Meatless Monday recipe of the week!  Meatless Monday is my contribution to you in support of a larger movement for a healthier happier planet and of course a healthier happier you!  414 more words