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Teen Driving Safety

Is your teen driver commuting to school? Make sure to check out the Y.E.S. program:

If you have a teen driver, you’re concerned about their safety. 165 more words

Farmers Insurance Group

Net worth update July 2014 (+2.67%) 15.43% YTD

July was a good month – total net worth grew to R3.8m ($360k). Still on track for the R4m target by year end.

Growth this month came from some cash back on tax return filing, savings towards shares and RAs – this pushed our savings rate to just under 65% this month. 124 more words


Motor Vehicle Suggestions, Preserve Your Automotive As Much As Doable

The cooling system is an important component in our vehicles — they keep your vehicle running smoothly, allowing your engine without becoming too hot to operate and burn fuel. 959 more words


Auto Suggestions, Keeping Your Car As Long As Entirely Possible

You ought to be ready to keep the vehicle for several years, therefore the depreciation doesn’t outweigh the savings. A left-over is technically regarded a-one-year-old vehicle when you buy, even if it’s a current year version. 1,083 more words


North Cyprus - Trevor's Tips - August 2014 - Sharing News

Trevor’s Tips – August 2014

Sharing News

By Trevor Hughes

112 Emergency Ambulance Service

There have been a couple of comments recently, regarding some difficulty when an English speaking person requests the need of a State emergency ambulance. 900 more words

Northern Cyprus

An Automobile Club that is concerned about the Environment: You should join!

I’ve posted about the Better World Club several times because they provide bicycle as well as automobile breakdown insurance. Car needs a jump call the Better World Club. 1,075 more words


The Dangers of Inadequate Vehicle Insurance for Your Business

Business vehicle insurances are supposed to protect your assets and your business in case an accident happens. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a small business enterprise managing a single vehicle or a large company that manages an entire fleet. 465 more words

Fleet Management