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It is not easy to penetrate the skin’s protective barrier, as it is our defense against toxins and other external damage. But the fact that certain components in moisturizers can cross this barrier could be used to deliver medication for certain skin disorders. 91 more words

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Amherst police blotter made it into Harper’s Magazine in 2002

It seems that I’m not the only one to has noticed how utterly hilarious the Amherst police blotter can be. The February 2002 issue of… 383 more words

Recall: Hyundai recalling 880,000 vehicles for gear issues

A Korean automaker has issued a recall on one of its most popular vehicles.

Hyundai says it is recalling over 880,000 Sonatas from the 2011 through 2014 model years. 99 more words


Rock Chronology #178: Vehicle

“Vehicle”, Ides of March, 1970.

For me one cool thing about going through this Rock Chronology is listening to all of the one-hit wonders. I think it’s because I generally haven’t listened to them as much. 56 more words


1953 Nash (II)

© 2013 Eric Christopher Jackson

On the front of the hood of this 1953 Nash is an emblem unique to the times. Harsh light translated to harsh shadows. 113 more words


1953 Nash

© 2013 Eric Christopher Jackson

The beauty of the 1953 Nash hood ornament is obvious. The rest of the scene is meant to compliment it. I love the various shades of blue, the stark highlights, and the overall composition. 208 more words