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This Man's Porsche Is A Lemon

I wouldn’t expect a high end automobile like Porsche to be laden with the problems this one has. This man really should be given his money back or a replacement 911.



Finally, the SumoBot I’ve been talking about for sooooooooo long: SumoStorm3r! SumoStorm3r is my entry to SprinkleOtter’s SOSumoBot Challenge. It didn’t take me that long to build SumoStorm3r; the long part was fixing and upgrading SumoStorm3r just right until I was satisfied with the result. 337 more words


Electric Vehicle + Wheelchair Accessibility = The New Kenguru

Check out this new electric car designed specifically for those in wheelchairs.

With roll-in access and an estimated range of 60 miles, this technology could be interesting to those living in urban areas. 28 more words