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Meet the Velociraptor: Fun Facts and Cool Pictures

Written by Julian Hawking

The author sets out to set straight the facts about velociraptors made famous in the Jurassic Park movie, which are in many ways misleading. 309 more words

Book Reviews

A01: LTE--Velociraptor

First Draft

In the article “Time to Ban Middle School?” by Anna North, she discusses a solution proposed by experts to abolish middle school. In a research study of students, their grades tended to drop as they entered into middle school. 487 more words

A01: LTE

Cyber Warfare--Velociraptor

The New York Times Article “NATO Set to Ratify Pledge on Joint Defense in Case of Major Cyber attack” by David E. Sanger focuses on the change they hope to accomplish regarding collective defense. 175 more words


Rolling Stone – Velociraptor 'Velociraptor' review (August 2014)

Velociraptor by Velociraptor review for Rolling Stone? Right here.  (file under: records that are unassumingly great)


My Notes—velociraptor

Thursday September, 4

  • There is NO final exam
  • All writing is an argument
  • Two articles with the same facts still are very different
  • We will being using New York Times to gather information…
  • 245 more words
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Jurassic World: Irrfan Khan Discusses His Role

Jurassic World, also known as Jurassic Park 4, has a stellar cast including leading man Chris Pratt, sidekick Bryce Dallas Howard, and Indian legend Irrfan Khan. 550 more words