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Holiday Origami 2014: The SantaRaptor

This week, I got my holiday presents done. Since most of my friends are scattered worldwide, I decided that origami was the way to go—I can ship them flat. 62 more words



Hitting the Gold Coast, yet again, is Velociraptor who played to an eager, while small, crowd at the Coolangatta Hotel during their recent national album tour.

10 Novelties About Timmy, the NaNoWriMo Bot

National Novel Writing Month has grown into something special over the years. As far back as 2003 I wrote the NaNo challenge alone.  I love it because momentum is my friend when it comes to fiction, as I have… 842 more words


A06 Op-Ed -velociraptor

Everyone by now should be well aware of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases that social media did such a good job bringing to our attention. 736 more words

A06: OpEd Rewrite

A09 Throwdown - velociraptor

First Reading

Website Title: The New York Times

  • Article Title: Landing on a Comet, a Mission Aims to Unlock the Mysteries of Earth
  • Publisher: The New York Times…
  • 1,312 more words
Critical Engagement

Nitpicking Jurassic Park

My family and I watched Jurassic Park over the weekend. I really need to stress that it’s a good movie, because I’m about to spend quite a bit of time making fun of it. 1,293 more words