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Staying Relevant

A friend of mine recently mentioned that he was a “dinosaur” as we were discussing different mobile social media platforms. I started thinking, “How can we, as technology vendor management and procurement professionals, stay relevant in an age of such rapidly changing technology?” For all of you “dinosaurs” out there, here are a few things to assist you in coming out of the Mesozoic Era: 190 more words


Top Concerns of Risk Professionals

In a recent gathering of risk professionals, an in-depth discussion focused on today’s pressing topics for banks amidst increasing regulatory and compliance issues.

Cybersecurity continues to be a growing concern among financial institutions. 468 more words



• The purpose of the Contract & Asset Manager position within SEA is to oversee, regulate and manage the types of contracts based on client engagements and ensuring compliance on Software Asset Management. 535 more words


Supplier Relationship Management ... does it have a future?

Partnerships, collaboration, mutual success. Increasingly these are the words used by executive management when they describe how their business will work with trading partners. Yet without fundamental change to policies and processes, these words remain little more than sentiments. 380 more words


Who's Watching Your Debt Collector?

In a previous blog, I predicted that one of the most important areas of potential regulation no one is paying attention to is debt collection.  Remember the CFPB issued an… 333 more words


Presenting solid ROI for Contract and Vendor Management to C-Level Executives

Here are a few ways to present value for contract management to the C-Level badge the board
1. Cost savings: year on year to be reflected in budget (show solid reductions overall as well as per vendor) 113 more words

Contract Managemt

End of contract cancel, permit new bid?

So, I ran into a bit of a quandary the other day and thought, ask this on my blog.

The end of contract for office cleaner with steadily declining quality. 151 more words