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Human Capital : Top 10 Mistakes Companies Make When Vetting & Using Recruiters

One of the primary motivations for Vendor Vetters’ creation was noticing the inefficiencies, counter-effective, and illogical methods many otherwise well run companies applied when procuring human capital and recruiting services providers (Also Known as “Executive Search Firms” , “Headhunters”, “Recruiting Firms”, & “Staffing Firms”). 1,952 more words

Vested Vendor Partnerships

Vendor Vetters - Its all about creating vested vendor partnerships

Hey all,

Welcome to the Vendor Vetters blog. We look forward to helping bridge the divide between top companies and the top tools and services providers  of human capital, social capital, intellectual capital, intelligence capital, etc.   240 more words

Vested Vendor Partnerships

It is all about SLA and price, right?

Modern business runs on top of information technology. There is no more need for alignment between technology and business, since technology is the business. However, most technology doesn’t create a competitive advantage but is just the cost of doing business. 291 more words


Introverted Project Momager

Introversion. In my profession it is a big deal to take this Myers Briggs assessment (I am sure many have heard of it) and then post the findings outside your work space. 780 more words


High Risks in Your Supply Chain that You May be Blind To

The benefits of outsourcing production processes or services to suppliers are many: it can provide a better product or service than you would be able to produce internally; it can increase your efficiency; it can allow you to focus on core areas; and, of course, it can reduce your overall costs. 443 more words


eCommHub helps you manage your third-party vendors

eCommHub automates your third-party vendor management and frees up time to build your business.


What is eCommHub and what is “eCommerce Automation”?

eCommHub empowers efficient e-commerce for online retailers and their suppliers.  710 more words

Systematize Contract Management & business will become much easier

Strictly speaking systematizing brings together both policy and procedure in order to deliver consistent contractual results.  For example, do you see different hourly rates for the same professional services or different legal terms and conditions that should be the same across your contracts?   340 more words

Contract Managemt