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Do It Tonight: "Leo López, '93: A Fight for Freedom"

Kenyon alumnus Leopoldo López, former mayor of Chacao and national coordinator of Voluntad Popular, a Venezuelan political party, has been incarcerated since February 18th, due to his role in anti-government protests. 91 more words


I read Charles Bettelheim. What happened next will shock and amaze you!

I am not an expert on the state, the concept of the state or the historical lineages of the State, but I have an understanding of how poorly the North American Communist left understands the state. 2,095 more words


Chart of the day: Oil Breakeven prices

After Saudi Arabia’s quiet talk on the fact that the country is comfortable with lower oil prices for an extended period of time, some countries are trying to find out some ‘measures’ to push up prices to ‘decent levels’. 129 more words

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Hoy estaba en sitio y un señor hablaba por teléfono con su hija, le decía que el chinkungunya no es por el mosquito sino por un virus. 221 more words

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Troncal 1

A market place in Capacho, a small city near the border between Venezuela and Colombia.


Harold Reynolds mistakenly calls Venezuela an island during World Series broadcast, Twitter laughs at him

During the broadcast of Game 1 of the World Series, Fox announcer Harold Reynolds made a comment about Salvador Perez and Pablo Sandoval and their home nation of Venezuela. 164 more words


October 21: 2015 Budget Announced

The national government unveiled its 2015 budget today at the National Assembly, estimating the costs to run the country through next year will be Bs. 741,708,000… 749 more words

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