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Mercosur: The Need for Reforms

By Luis Ferreira Alvarez

As Brazil and Argentina continue in recession, the Southern Common Market (Mercosur/Mercosul) provides them with a regional mechanism to restore economic growth. 725 more words

Cheaper oil- Many winners, a few bad losers

Cheaper oil- Many winners, a few bad losers

A lower price will boost the world economy and harm some unpleasant regimes—but there are risks

Oct 25th 2014 | The Economist magazine… 1,028 more words


What greed and corruption did to my country

I’m not the greatest patriot in the world. I’m kind of selfish in that way. But some things can get you emotional about your nation. Because my age I didn’t have the chance to know the beautiful Venezuela or even the world famous “Ciudad Jardín” (Garden City) and I live in it. 107 more words


Don Julian: Venezuelan-Style Barbecue

I am unabashedly picky about my barbecue. It’s one of the few giveaways that I’m from Texas (the other being that I refuse to get rid of my y’all). 398 more words


Latin America provides alternative paths to poverty reduction

In the 1980s former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher famously coined the phrase “There Is No Alternative,” also referred to as TINA. Thatcher was talking about how free markets, free trade and capitalist globalization were essential if countries wanted to achieve economic development and lift themselves out of poverty. 889 more words


Troncal 1

People are looking at the motor of their taxi after having a break down on Troncal 1 Road which connects San Cristóbal with the Venezuelan border city San Antonio from where one may cross to Colombia.