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فينيسيا (مدينة البندقية) Venice

فينيسيا تعتبرعاصمة اقليم فينيتو الواقع في شمال شرق ايطاليا وتطل على البحر الادرياتيك، وتعتبر من اهم المدن الايطالية واكثرها جمالا لما تتمتع به من مباني تاريخها يعود اغلبها الى عصر النهضة في ايطاليا، وقنواتها المائية المتعددة ما يجعلها فريدة من نوعها على مستوى العالم.


This is fantastically written and really makes me hungry for some linguine alle seppie.  You really must try them.

We put the last batch in the freezer, for Lord’s sake, something we never do because you can’t freeze the ink. 

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Top 5 Places to Visit via WATER TAXI in Venice

There’s nothing like taking a private water taxi service in Venice to many of the key destinations around the island and the outlying islands. Water taxis are the luxury limousines of Venice with beautifully crafted wooden ships, leather upholstered interiors and rich details. 698 more words

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Masked meandering through narrow Venetian pathways. 


Venice Italy Boatman Etsy Travel Art Print

           Venice Italy Boatman Etsy Travel Art Print

            This is a print of a boatman we saw traveling on the Venice Lagoon. I was struck by how colorful his boat was, framed against the buildings and church tower behind him. 43 more words