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Hot Friday Night: Canning Deer

I looked forward to canning my deer all day. I had everything ready, and knew it wouldn’t take too long! However, when I picked up the canner from the farm, it was not what I expected… 517 more words

Rambling Thoughts

Today is an interesting day. I have lots in my mind, but for one of the first times ever, I’m just not sure how to get any of it out. 1,409 more words


Product Review - "Wild Chips" from "Wild Man"

Paleo snacks can be a bit of a problem.

Sure, there’s always fruit and nuts, or tinned fish, but they can become a bit samey… 416 more words


DiVino, Wyndham Street

Life is a combination of magic and pasta – Federico Fellini

DiVino is a great place to hang out and have a few drinks, especially since it’s located on Wazzzhappenin’ Wyndham.  

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Holiday Cooking Guide

The holidays are upon us and people are starting to make thanksgiving feast preparations. It’s important to consider food safety as a key role in these preparations. 135 more words


Possibly The Best Answer To A General Knowledge Quiz Question - Ever...

Every morning on Northsound One there is a radio phone in quiz where you can win £1000 by answering ten general knowledge questions. Today a very entertaining lady provided one of the funniest answers I’ve ever heard… 129 more words


Tasty Things on Thursday's - Homemade Slow Cooker Chili!

For any readers not coming from Canada or the United States…. we have snow. LOT’S OF IT. So in honor of that I decided to make my first ever chili. 309 more words