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My Thirty-Seven-and-a-Half Times Table

In 2002, the French had to learn to multiply and divide by 6.5 – the exchange rate between the old Franc and new Euro. Those of us that take venlafaxine can multiply and divide by 37.5 – the smallest effective dose and the amount by which we adjust the dose in a single step. 233 more words

The Path to Venlafaxine

He’s reading Balzac, knocking back prozac…

All you young adults of the 1990s will immediately recognise that line from Country House by Blur. At the time, Prozac was being feted as a new wonder drug – no problems with addiction, few side-effects in comparison with other classes of antidepressant, and overall positive effects. 317 more words


I suffer from depression. Since when, I don’t actually know, but that isn’t really important just now. For the last 3 years, I have been controlling my condition with an antidepressant called venlafaxine, which probably saved my life at the time. 63 more words

Mental Health Monday 4

I am a bit late posting this weeks mental health monday.
Like otherwise this hasnt been a great week for me, the combination of pressure from college and the medication change has culminated in a very chocolaty week. 71 more words


Mental health Monday-3

This end of this past week has been pretty crap .  My mood and self confidence  plummeted on Thursday day time. A lot of that is to do with my concentration and ability to form a brain mouth connection dwindling  even further than usual.    273 more words


Rainbows & Reality

I’ve been contemplating how to write this post for a while now. A big reveal, in big bold capitals maybe, or perhaps just slipping it in casually as though it’s no big deal. 723 more words

Little T

Mental health Monday-1

Over the coming weeks I am reducing my dosage of fluoxetine, also known as Prozac then moving onto a new medication. The new medication is venlafaxine also knows as Effexor.  276 more words