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This station is

Anti-depressant free (?!). The train terminates here. All change please. Please ensure you have all your belongings with you when you leave the train. Thank you for travelling with Venlafaxine. 114 more words

Kneadin' that dough

There’s a French word that describes my feelings perfectly today: “ténébreux”

To me, this translates to dark, stormy, gloomy, fearful. Like I’d imagine feeling if I was stranded somewhere with no shelter, nowhere to run, and could see a thunderous storm brewing and heading my way. 326 more words

Shopping my stash & The LE method

I’ve not bought anything make-up related for a while. Not splurged at all and this is a feat considering that 1) I’m coming off anti-d’s and my emotions are all over the place 2) I have a hefty gift card to spend at Space NK 3) I have a lot of spare time at the moment. 552 more words

Rant rant ranty rant rant

Considering how appallingly little we (the collective we) know about our own minds …

Walk is what the legs do. Mind is what the brain does.

450 more words

Radio Gaga, Peaks, Troughs and 11.09

Peak: Mum was discharged from the breast cancer clinic today and the new lump turned out to be fat necrosis. We were warned of this pre-surgery. 560 more words

Don't take it personally.

Lesson of the day:

For every asshole there’s a wonderful human. So, don’t take it personally.

I’m dealing with a lot of recruiters at the moment. 342 more words

Half Life

A month. That’s how long I was Little T’s mother, unmedicated.  It seems like a lifetime ago. It may be unfair to myself, but I sometimes feel as though Little T has only ever had part of his mummy, never the whole. 1,211 more words