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Venn Diagram

So this is a really shitty Venn diagram and really not a proper Venn diagram. So sue me. I am clearly not representing all possible sets (Jerks who are Creepy Dudes Online for example). 96 more words


Venn Diagram: 27 Is the New 13

I woke up on my 27th birthday with a pimple ON a wrinkle. Will I be riding this awkward stage straight into old age?

Despite this unsung injustice of the mid-twenties, I’m looking forward to entering the stage of my life when I’m genuinely excited about succulents.

Like these.

Xoxo, Philly

I did not want to leave Philadelphia.  Don’t be mistaken- I wanted this internship and to live in Kampala more than anything, but I LOVE PHILLY. 161 more words


You are Creator and the Word

The One who spoke and the Speaking

Speaking life out of nothing

Giving chaos meaning

You said, and it was so… 418 more words


New Balance launch 'Authors Collections' sneaker line

I talk a lot about venn diagrams in my life. This blog, for example, is the potent, most-overlapping-centre-part of a three-part venn diagram of Law, Fashion, and Writing. 405 more words


Holy Hemorrhoids Batman!!!

Did you know that the Bible has hemorrhoids?

“And they laid the ark of the LORD upon the cart, and the coffer with the mice of gold and the images of their emerods.”  1 Samuel 6:11 (KJV).   474 more words

Venn Diagram