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Elves on Shelves and Other "Traditions"--or, Why I Can't Stand Unity Sand

It’s that time of year again: Christmas carols ring through every shop, holiday cards outnumber the bills in my mailbox, and the Hershey’s kisses “handbells” make me giggle every time the last little bell says “Shwew.” A seasonal shift is evident on social media, too, as friends share recipes for crazy-good sounding cookies and post pictures of children sitting on Santa’s lap, or little elves sitting on the toilet pooping peppermint candies. 1,215 more words



Laurence Parker folded that morning’s copy of The Guardian and dropped it on the occasional table next to his cooling cup of Lapsang Souchong, heaving a deep sigh as he did so. 1,824 more words

Short Stories

Instruction vs. Holiday Shopping: What's the "Wrap"?

A leading researcher in education, Robert Marzano, asserts that “identifying similarities and differences” is an effective strategy for deepening understanding.¹   The Venn Diagram is a wonderful graphic for comparing similarities and differences.   66 more words


Thinking Chairs

“If nothing is false then it would be true that everything is false.”

This is how a friend and I spend some nights.

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Story Comparisons

Fresh off the tail of our fables we moved into reading several versions of the same story with my 3rd graders and comparing different versions of the same story.  193 more words

3rd Grade

At Least There Were Some Constants...

Basically, my 4 day weekend… I got sick on Wednesday, and then proceeded to get worse. Today pretty much blows, hope I’m better soon!


Venn Diagrams, Counting Halloween Candy, and other not so scary math stuff...

Raise your hand if you ever counted, sorted, or traded your Halloween candy as a kid…!  This is a shared experience for most kids.  That’s why I think that the incorporation of the ritual and mathematics homework for a kindergartener is sheer genius.  444 more words