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Venn Diagrams, Counting Halloween Candy, and other not so scary math stuff...

Raise your hand if you ever counted, sorted, or traded your Halloween candy as a kid…!  This is a shared experience for most kids.  That’s why I think that the incorporation of the ritual and mathematics homework for a kindergartener is sheer genius.  444 more words


How to create a Venn diagram in Excel

Excel has a Venn diagram option in its SmartArt but three pretty identical circles doesn’t do it for me. When the sizes of the circles are supposed to mean something, I want them to look the part as much as I can. 378 more words

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Guns and Pot: Which States Are Friendly to Both?

A Reddit user recently posted a graphic called “The Venn Diagram of Cultural Politics,” showing which states allow at least some citizens to use marijuana, which states recognize… 126 more words


Week 11: Discipline Theories....Round 3

Week 11: Kohn’s Beyond Discipline Theory & 3-Part Venn Diagram

As we are nearing the end of our first semester of the MAT program classroom management theories are really beginning to take shape. 960 more words

Venn Diagrams

Venn diagrams are a very useful tool for students to be able to apply.  These diagrams can do everything from help determine common factors between a set of numbers to solving a complex word problem about students’ after school activities.   358 more words

Compare and Contrast Essays

Comparing and contrasting can be tricky and can often sound a bit redundant. Your two keywords for any compare and contrast essay are “SIMILARITIES” and “DIFFERENCES.” 413 more words

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