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Defining racism, again

Since the events in Ferguson I have been obsessed with all the racism problems in the good old US of A. I could write twenty posts on things that have been on my mind, but have been having conversations instead. 610 more words


My Math Blog Statistics, August 2014

So, August 2014: it’s been a month that brought some interesting threads into my writing here. It’s also had slightly longer gaps in my writing than I quite like, because I’d just not had the time to do as much writing as I hoped. 515 more words


Q: Of the 20 students in the classroom, 14 are taking Calculus, 12 are taking Physics, and 4 are taking neither Calculus nor Physics. How many students are taking both Calculus and Physics? 93 more words


Venn will we use this Miss?

On your marks and get ‘Set’

Now that Sets and Venn Diagrams are back on the syllabus at KS4, how do we go about teaching it? 929 more words

180 Years of Venn

In my family, we were rather casual about birthdays and other event days. It wasn’t  unusual to celebrate a birthday, not on the exact day, but on a nearby day. 971 more words

Star Trek

Greetings from a Reformed Prescriptivist.

Who is this blogger and what is this blog?

I am the Reformed Prescripivist. I have walked many miles to this place, this beautiful land free from the burdens of grammatical indignation. 384 more words


Let's Draw Some Venn Diagrams!

Google Doodle today, August 4th 2014, marks 180th birthday of John Venn, the man who gave us Venn Diagrams (http://www.google.com/doodles/john-venns-180th-birthday). Anyone who has ever taken any course in statistics knows Venn Diagrams, probably as the most interesting thing they learned in the class. 152 more words