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Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams

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Venn Diagrams can be a fun and exciting way for students to sort and separate specific sets of items. Venn diagrams are used in classes as young as Kindergarten and can be used throughout the rest of a person’s life. 713 more words


Solutions to selected questions from the Combinatorics assignment

Now that I’ve returned your Combinatorics assignments, here are solutions to the more challenging questions:

YouTube Playlist: MDM4U Combinatorics Assignment solutions


Supply Chain (Chain, Chain) of Fools

One of the things about being an ill-prepared housewife that I struggle with (clearly) is preparation. Apparently, because I am the one who stays at home, I am also to blame when someone doesn’t have their “main ingredient” for breakfast. 760 more words

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Summary of Learning Goals so far

I’m attaching a PDF file that shows a summary of the Learning Goals for the course so far, along with a handful of sample questions related to the goal. 40 more words


Review: Sci-Fi Chronicles: A Visual History of the Galaxy's Greatest Science Fiction

Editor Guy Haley opens this hefty volume with the sentences, “Science fiction is arguably the most exciting genre of entertainment. No other form of storytelling shapes our culture as much, or is as popular.” He’s certainly got a point, particularly when it comes to male readers (and watchers).  918 more words

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Defining racism, again

Since the events in Ferguson I have been obsessed with all the racism problems in the good old US of A. I could write twenty posts on things that have been on my mind, but have been having conversations instead. 610 more words


My Math Blog Statistics, August 2014

So, August 2014: it’s been a month that brought some interesting threads into my writing here. It’s also had slightly longer gaps in my writing than I quite like, because I’d just not had the time to do as much writing as I hoped. 515 more words