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G. F. Haas: Piano Concerto (2007)

Score: No
Location: 1816 York – Victoria
Outlook: more sunshine, more marking




Timber Days, Boy Scouts, and Venn Diagrams: An Experience in Multitasking

My son has been involved in Scouting since he was in first grade.  This was supposed to be an activity for him and my husband to do, but as The Boy Child has progressed through his Scouting career, Cub Scouts, and later Boy Scouts, have become a family affair.  393 more words

Boy Scouts

I'm sad that this still needs to be said

You may have heard John Green’s name a lot lately thanks to the film release of The Fault in Our Stars, based off of the 2012 novel of the same name. 135 more words


You Can't Say "Putin" without "Poo"

I’d like to say I don’t believe in evil. I mean true evil. I believe in fear, and weakness, in shame and a lack of empathy, and all the various behavior cocktails into which these ingredients can be mixed. 449 more words


Sit down boys and girls and let me tell you a story.  When back when, in the long long ago, a man starting writing a weekly feature on a smart-assed, yet seldom read blog.   94 more words


Something Vennderful IX

I have a really good Venn chambered and  ready to go, but a certain hockey team won game 5 and delayed the inevitable, crushing defeat.  Which is fine, I know I my actions and superstitions don’t actually effect anything, so I’ll patiently wait even if it means I’d have to come up with something new on the fly.   88 more words


The Design of Planetary Systems

In line with The Apocalypse Project and my future environmental / technology projects, today I doodled diagrams and lines and other things to make sense of what I did, what I’m currently doing, and what I plan to do: