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A Venn Diagram of the Real Number System


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I'm aware that it isn't properly exactly a Venn diagram, now, but the mathematics-artist Robert Austin has a nice picture of the real numbers, and the most popular subsets of the real numbers, and how they relate. The bubbles aren't to scale --- there's just as many counting numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, et cetera) as there are rational numbers, and there are far more irrational numbers than there are rational numbers --- but if you don't mind that, then, this is at least a nice little illustration.

A Circle Circle

Happy 2015! This was our daughter’s first circle of the year, and our son’s first circle ever.  We now do 2 circles each week, at the same time.   700 more words

Circle 1

Raise your hand if you've had a rough year.

Yep, that’s what I thought.

It’s been a rough year for us, too. I feel like a broken record, seeing as I said almost exactly the same thing last year. 491 more words

Mary Lamphere

Venn Diagrams, Algebra and the New GCSE

I’m a fan of Venn Diagrams (and the more versatile, lesser know Euler Diagrams), and the uses they have when dealing with probability. I was glad to see then installed in their full glory to the new GCSE curriculum. 229 more words


Venn diagram

Mookie just loves Venn diagrams, and created this one describing our family. I dispute the claim that I don’t have puffy cheeks, and showed her my puffed-up cheeks to prove it, but she is sticking by it. 30 more words


How many legs does a starfish have?

The Activities

  1. Topic: Place Values, Exponents: Book: The Number Devil, by Enzensberger.
  2. Topic: Functions, Charts: We made input/output charts for various functions, and then made bar charts out of some of them …
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Circle 1