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Something Vennderful III

Sure it isn’t Vennesday anymore and that’s mean I missed my arbitrary Venn deadline (Vennline?), but whatever. I had a shitty day, so happy Thursday and enjoy your damn Venn diagram, you ingrate.   73 more words


Leftover Vegetable Chili

In the past I have evoked all the passion and certitude of Patrick Henry when proclaiming, When life gives you the sausage, make chili… 296 more words


Something Vennderful

It’s Vennesday, so that means it’s time for the first (really the second) edition of Something Vennderful.  Because Venn is awesome. Here’s how I came up with the title.


Something Vennderful II

Venn diagrams are fun! Here’s a totally topical wrap up of yesterday, which sadly was April Fools Day.

  Hope this helps :)


The one about Venn diagrams, Pirandello and me

Recently, my mind has been preoccupied with Pirandello’s book titled One, No one, a Hundred Thousand. It tells the story of a man who realises that his nose bends to one side. 795 more words

Ham and Sweet Potato Chili

Day 71

It is said that statistics, politicians, and pro golfers lie. Venn Diagrams, on the other hand, do not.

Consider for a moment the 4 major food groups: meat chili, vegetarian chili, coffee, and beer. 336 more words