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Did you know?

You see the good time charlie, just charming as can be
You see the silly whit, the flirt, and the sweety
You see his comforting laugh and hugs alike… 368 more words

What Makes A "Real" Man?

Today at my son’s football practice I met a 16-year-old young man.  He’s there everyday and just watches – he’s actually played for the league in the past but for some reason he’s not playing this year.  482 more words


College Life: When Your In-Laws Judge

Hey everyone! Today I am writing from my desktop at work; everyone’s out to lunch and I’m all alone to do as I please! Friendly warning that there will be more typos than usual in this post because this is an actual keyboard and not my baby Mac.  785 more words

College Life

Being ill and a little bummed

I’ve caught my husband’s cold… In that case it means we can be close again, and have been which was the best part. Nothing beats being achy all over and then soothed with tenderness during that kind of suffering together. 838 more words

Public Shaming on SOE Forums

Dear SOE,

I wouldnt have called my post public shaming. I was merely highlighting a perfect example of a player who does really nothing but griefs other players. 406 more words

Fix The Fucking Problem

Venting >:(

Okay, I have a longer post for later but right now, I just have to vent a minute.


She thinks she knows everything! 174 more words


Desperately searching for Bernard's watch.

Remember Bernard’s Watch? 

It was a show in the 1990’s about a young lad that could stop time with a ‘magic’ watch. Once time was stopped Bernard could then go about his day getting the things he needed to do, done. 685 more words