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That thing called time for yourself, what's that anyway?

Yes I normally write about Jayden and her journeys through life, home, school, and her sparkling personality, today however, I am making this all about me. 646 more words


Day 3

This is day 3 of me trying to get over my jealousy. The first day was fine… I wasn’t too bad. I just got a little moody at the fact that a girl I’ve had problems with in the past was right behind Brandon when he walked out of class, but other than that I was actually really good. 375 more words

Life Problems

Arguing in front of the kids

I’m venting right now…

I argued with Grayheart over the phone last night about some changes he was trying to throw at me with our schedule. 106 more words


Sorry, That's Just Me

“No I’m not mad that’s just my face.” Apparently I have what some people call a “resting bitch face.” When I’m not interacting with people or I’m lost in thought at a meeting, I’ve been asked too many times, “what’s wrong?” NOTHING!! 134 more words


Deeper than a smile

The problem with me is that I need to learn how to control my thoughts. I’m not good at that at all.
I guess when you spend to much time alone in a room all your childhood you learn to make your thoughts your best friend. 868 more words


Where Class Comes to Die...

My thumbs ached, still healing from the blisters I had from the last sign removal project. My arms and shoulders didn’t hurt as much, but my wrists and finger tips were raw and cracking from the dry air they had been exposed to in the vestibule as I worked. 595 more words