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Things that I dislike about myself (in no particular order):

the creases in my forehead

the acne on my face

the scars on my body… 164 more words


Completely Alone.

Sometimes, I really hate people.

Wherever you go, there they are. Everyday, I wake up in a house full of people I have been stuck with my entire life. 274 more words


I really dislike like the new Final Fantasy online game.

Dear reader this maybe a bit hard to follow so I will do my very best to break it down in a way that hopefully will be easy to understand just bear with me: 256 more words


my choice

you know what.
I actually like this.
Being single.

I get to choose when I feel like replying to texts, if I want to go shopping without my phone. 110 more words


Dark and Cold

There is something about the darkness. Feeling your way around, not knowing what you are going to find. There is an air of mystery involved in every little thing you do, whether it be important or not. 1,142 more words

We're extremely shallow creatures

We’re extremely shallow people.I’m not gonna bother denying it. It’s the reason why we’re single, it’s the reason why we don’t have more guy friends. 395 more words


So this is going to be melancholic...

Note: I wrote this at a moment when I was deliriously high on emotion. Keep that in mind.

Right now, I’m squatting on the floor in a bathroom stall of the La Sierra University Business building, just simply crying my eyes out. 1,883 more words