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I bought my own wedding ring

We only combined our finances after we got married.

I’m not quite sure why we didn’t do it beforehand. Laziness? Symbolism? -> in that once we’re married, we’re more like one entity. 452 more words

The Vent of a College Student Parent

It’s Monday night. Which means it’s my weekly deadline night for school. So, of course, tonight, out of all nights, my son is deciding to stay up as late as he possibly can preventing me from being able to properly work on my paper. 246 more words


Have you ever hated someone so much that you cant even stand to see their face or hear their name. That is how I feel with my dads wife. 142 more words

Ten Commandments for Online Dating

I’ve compiled a list of ten commandments* for men** to follow when doing the online dating thing.

X. Thou shalt not post any more than eight pictures of thine self. 168 more words


Almost makes us want to throw up.....

…..seeing the number of times “ad nauseum” is used

instead of the correct spelling which is

“ad nauseam”.



So I have this work that is my safe place and an only guarantee of stability which is very stupid, because when something happens it gets to me too deeply. 505 more words


Don't Know What You Got

This past New Year’s Eve I made gave the kids their breakfast, made myself a cup of coffee, and logged on to my Facebook like I do nearly every morning. 880 more words

A Day In The Life