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Just Get Up

Sometimes all we need is a little positivity.

Sometimes all we need to do is ignore the assholes.

Sometimes all we need to do is get out of bed. 416 more words


Be always Thankful

HelllloooooO? Are you there? Anybody here? Okay, it’s my bad to not post something on here. Lets just say that I’ve been acting like a busy bumble bee! 241 more words


Angry Nails

People like you disgust me.  Stop wasting our resources, and go meet your match in Hell.

People like you need to interact with people like you.   68 more words


Moving is Tough

(*As of today, this is what my car is going to look like when I move in a few weeks!)

This whole “moving cross-country” thing is turning out to be a lot more work than I anticipated. 463 more words

Social Media

I realised that I often want to just vent something immediately, without it needing to be a long blog post.

Or I want to vent something and I’m too lazy to write a long blog post. 56 more words

Please stop telling me how you're getting laid.

Note to reader: The following is a way for me to vent and get my personal feelings out, I am sorry if you’re offended by talk of sex, or of girls that enjoy sex then I apologize in advance. 130 more words


Being an assistant..

Hey Guys!

So just an update on more of a lifestyle/career post today. I’ve been at a Paul Mitchell salon working as an assistant for almost two months now, I should be very appreciative and happy that I have gotten a job immediately after school.. 255 more words