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Damn sir you have no game

Note to reader: If talking about sex bothers you or girls who like sex please skip this post.

Dear reader I just heard from the guy from my high school who added me to his FB page awhile ago. 180 more words


#todaysconclusions 21/10/14

Seeing the words ‘business wear’ on an invite will not fill you with confidence for said party.

Dogs will sleep on you in a bid for you not to move. 59 more words


That Awkward Moment...

Date: 10.21.2014

Time: 2:35pm

Mood: Angsty


SO… I’ve hit a huge wall.  A wall of frustration and terror!  A wall of utter unabashed discouragement!  A wall that looms larger than a standing Berlin Wall and is much less great than the Great Wall. 610 more words

Life Musings

The First Amendment being spit upon...

The United States of America is supposedly a nation governed by laws which, in theory, comply with the dictates of the United States Constitution. You may recall this document from your history classes as the establishing standard of government and law in the USA. 630 more words


Venting Vertically

When something happens or someone disappoints you do you rush to the phone to call your friends to fill their ears full of your frustrations? Do you keep repeating it to more and more friends? 327 more words

Parental Pressures

As you get older you definitely try your best to please your parents. Maintaining good grades, attending and graduating college, getting your first adult job, etc. 994 more words

My Version of the Single Mom

I have always been a fairly unconcerned person. Sitting around and talking about other people’s business or how they are living there lives has never really been a huge topic of interest for me, but my life seems to get no end of inquiry. 780 more words