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From a Wanderer... A Venting Session

I wonder how many times the first part of that title has been used, but I don’t really care to know. This post will basically be me venting, if you can relate, fantastic; if not, fantastic. 528 more words


Guess Who?

I spent years biting my tongue because it seemed like everything I tried to say, no matter what it was, was shot down and critiqued by some cynical asshole in the room. 410 more words


The truth can be ugly

It turns out that I’m a liar.  Not just white lies or little fibs either.  This was a blatant, though not face to face lie.  I’m a lousy liar.  783 more words


Anyone who doesn’t want or need me in their life is free to leave. I used to worry that I might get left behind by everyone I care about, but recently, life has taught me that the people who really love me will never leave me. 72 more words


Don't Speak ...!!!

                † I will do myself and others a big favor if I kept my mouth shut and spare others the crazy details of the thoughts in my head which is  the cause of most of my troubles and the shit that I find myself in and get myself into with others and especially with the ones I love and care for the most… I have this problem with speaking up my mind and saying what is it that I am thinking of , and this is what others rarely or never do …. 636 more words


Drop the BS, What Do You Want?

UPDATE: Yep. I was right. He’s sucking up to me to get me to sign a change to the temporary orders. Probably thought I’d get mad…I’ve been wanting this change for almost a YEAR! 122 more words

Babydaddy Drama

Kinkyman Update (Part I)

So where do I even begin? It’s so hard to explain how something so wonderful turn into something so ugly. Well, I guess I should take you back to the beginning. 306 more words