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Shazam touts TV success as it hits 100M monthly active mobile users (VentureBeat)

Sometimes its okay to build an entire company around a feature, as media ID service Shazam is demonstrating.

Today, the company revealed it’s seeing… 7 more words

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Silent Hills Playable Teaser and Why It Works (VentureBeat)

In the far flung past of four days ago, the internet was still crackling about the Silent Hills Playable Teaser. The directors have since said that they expected it to take a week for people to…

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The unique, oddly sexualized culture of China’s game industry in pictures (VentureBeat)

China’s rise as a gaming nation was best captured at ChinaJoy, the huge expo that drew more than 250,000 attendees to more than 100,000 square meters of exhibit space in Shanghai. 30 more words

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The next CBS hit you see may be on Netflix

This has been a big year for Internet television. In the last year Netflix has launched two original shows that have seen marked success. And it’s no surprise that media giant CBS would want to tap into the tens of millions of viewers (and growing) that subscribe to streaming services. 57 more words

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Source reveals more information on the iPhone 6

VentureBeat s source with knowledge of the plans says that Apple is planning to lift the lid on its next iPhone (both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variant) on the 9th of September. 146 more words

Oomba manages real-world game tournaments with a smartphone (VentureBeat)

Oomba wants to make it simpler to run tournaments and leagues in the real world, be it board game events or golf matches. The company’s social platform helps you handle… 7 more words

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GameStop is improving its customer service to keep you away from Amazon, Walmart (Venturebeat)

GameStop is showing a renewed interest in improving the shopping experience at its stores, and it is already showing the results of that effort.

The world’s largest gaming-specific retailer is getting… 13 more words

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