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Netflix now lets you privately share movie/TV recommendations with Facebook friends (VentureBeat)

Allowing my friends to see everything I’ve recently viewed on Netflix might prove embarrassing, (as sadly most people would just never appreciate the number of cartoons I watch). 53 more words

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Why Amazon flipped the switch on Twitch (VentureBeat)

When it launched, Amazon.com was media (a Website) being used to sell media (books) in a way that other media, like catalogs and home shopping channels, could not match. 35 more words

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Facebook wants to let mobile users run keyword searches on friends’ profiles (VentureBeat)

Facebook has finally realized that you might want to use your mobile device to dig back into content your friends have posted in the past. And it’s working on it. 20 more words

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Hey Nielsen: If TV audience measurement ain’t broke, don’t ‘fix’ it (VentureBeat)

Don’t you hate watching someone work on a ‘solution’ to fix a problem that has already been solved? This is what’s currently happening in the digital media space for…

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Shazam touts TV success as it hits 100M monthly active mobile users (VentureBeat)

Sometimes its okay to build an entire company around a feature, as media ID service Shazam is demonstrating.

Today, the company revealed it’s seeing… 7 more words

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Silent Hills Playable Teaser and Why It Works (VentureBeat)

In the far flung past of four days ago, the internet was still crackling about the Silent Hills Playable Teaser. The directors have since said that they expected it to take a week for people to…

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