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In Which Richard Triggers an Alarm at the Louvre

In France, are you still guilty until proven innocent? I ask because I have just set off an alarm in the Louvre.

It’s our second day in Paris and I am suffering culture shock. 687 more words


Euro Trip Part II: Oui Oui, hon hon hon

Wanting to visit family in Germany would clearly be enough to warrant preparations for the trip, but sometime between Jon’s sister and family and my brother and family moving overseas, we had a good friend who did the same. 980 more words

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Europe 2009

This post was initially published in my Facebook account in real time. Forgive the detailed descriptions as I didn’t want to miss anything.


April 24. 1,970 more words

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My Venus de Milo

You asked me the reason of me loving you and I can’t answer it. I love you because of the feeling is real and mutual. 72 more words


Chocolate Crepes and Running through the Louvre

We started out trip to Paris with Versailles. The palace and the Trianons were gorgeous, and the gardens were massive—if we had gotten lost, it probably would have taken five days to get out of the shrubbery maze. 317 more words

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Hon Hon Oui Oui Baguette Eiffel Tower

Friday started off normally. I woke up, ate breakfast, did some of that school stuff, came back, packed my backpack (actually stuffed to the brim). After packing I caught my 6:30 pm train from London Saint Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord. 2,336 more words