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Figma News Fridays 10/17/14

Welcome to Figma News Fridays! I was going to write this post earlier, but some awesome news was revealed later today which makes me glad to have waited. 789 more words


Hard (Melodic) Cases Make Bad (Melodic) Law

Jonathan L. Friedmann, Ph.D.

“Hard cases make bad law.” This legal maxim cautions against seeking general principles in the extremes. A case that is hard, either because it is unusually complicated or emotionally loaded, occupies disputed territory outside of the uncontroversial center. 391 more words


Portal y la feminidad pt 1: GLaD0S - La venus invertida (y sometida).

Creo firmemente que Portal y Portal 2 deberían ser patrimonio de la humanidad, y a lo largo de esta serie expondré mis argumentos a favor. El día de hoy vamos a hablar una parte sobre la feminidad de GLaD0S, y por qué es importante dentro de su personaje ( 1,108 more words


California Girls vs. the Venus de Medici: The Ideal Beauty: 1893

The suggestion made in the Argonaut that, as Miss Ada Rehan is to typify female beauty from the Montana standpoint, California ought to contribute to the fair a statue presenting the ideal beauty of this State, has led to discussion as to what is the ideal of feminine beauty in California. 1,293 more words

News And Announcements

Paris, Part 1

The difference between London and Paris was evident long before I got off the train:  graffiti.  It’s everywhere.  And not just nonsense, teen hooligan graffiti but aggressive, political graffiti about (in this case) the current crisis in the Middle East.   1,470 more words


The Louvre

Eidos Interactive released a Tomb Raider game called Angel of Darkness in 2003. I played it on my PS2, and my favorite thing about it was the use of the Louvre as a location for three levels. 243 more words