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F-Day..."On This Day, We Will Be Free!"

From the F•Day.org website:

F•Day = Free Day = The day when the world’s largest economy revokes the monetary market system in favour of a collaborative, technological society based in nature, community and compassion. 159 more words

Resource Based Economy

Inches = Dollars = Backward Thinking

This short video from the Venus Project educational series, shows us how our man-made inventions such as inches, time, and money, have become thought of, not as rates of measure for what we observe in the world, but rather the law.   77 more words

Resource Based Economy

A world without money

The only thing getting between what people need and themselves is money. That is why some people are starving to death each day. If you think about it, there is enough food in the world to feed everyone and if it weren’t for the fact that food costs money then everyone would be fed. 668 more words