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Tough as Old Boots

He’s a gentleman: look at his boots.

  — George Bernard Shaw   Bystander. Pygmalion, act1.

When I am out walking through a neighborhood, there’s nothing I like better than having, what is known here in Australia as, a “sticky beak” to see what’s on people’s front porches as I am passing by.  69 more words



A drop of water falls on his cheek and runs down like a teardrop. He looks at the rain falling but he is yet to reach the edge of the verandah! 421 more words

A Very Special Friday

Remember that time I said that most of our employers are nowhere near as awesome as Google? Well, I LIED. Last weekend, A Very Special Day showed that it knows how to treat us like the professionals that we are, but also like the lazy-bones we love to be. 263 more words

A Very Special Day

Country mail

Someone has gone to considerable trouble to construct this lovely, inviting little cottage mailbox. The detail is lovely – contrasting paint on the veranda makes it so welcoming, along with the rays of sunshine (ah….. 175 more words

Odds & Ends

Sunset in North Cyprus

I took these photos last night when I was photographing our verandah now my husband has taken down the brown plastic which used to surround our patio. 257 more words


#7 - The Raven's Croak

“Fly! Now! Fly! Now!”, the raven croaked.

As he sat in the verandah, feeding the sparrows, the raven perched on the high wall. He had grown an affinity towards the sparrows. 342 more words



Full of inspiration, I have just come back from Copenhagen. I love to feel the creative energy of the Danish capital as often as I can. 88 more words

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