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Pros and Cons of Writing Your Novel in Past Vs. Present Tense

Should you write your novel in past or present tense? If you don’t have a default, “go to” tense that you write in, this is one of the first decisions a writer has to make when starting a new novel. 902 more words


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Here's a great article on the pros and cons of writing in the past and present tenses. Although author Ellen Brock focuses on novel writing, her advice is equally applicable to short stories and essays. Please read it as a follow up to yesterday's discussion of verb tense. - Mr. O

Writing 101 - Tenses

Hoo-wee! What a week we’ve had here at SarMus HQ (formally SarMus Towers, but we all know what happened there): Amanda has given us the… 708 more words

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Whom is Stupid

English is changing. Constantly morphing. Whether you want it to or not.

I was telling my college composition class today that I firmly believe that the word “whom” will be completely gone from standard American English within 50 years. 460 more words