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Slaying the Editing Monster

“A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.” William James

Do you sometimes feel like you are just rearranging your writing?   1,034 more words


Practicing the Verb Tenses

I am having my third session with my English teacher, Chris Delacruz.  Today, we practiced the verb tenses: past tense.


Simple: +d, +ed, +ied, irregular… 992 more words

Past Perfect

Consistency in Style

This week has been a report-heavy week for me, which is great as I love creating the skeleton of a report for those with more in-depth knowledge to flesh out, then give that report its final makeover before sending it down the runway. 171 more words

Getting Tense

It seems a lot of folks are jumping on the Present Tense bandwagon. Now, don’t get me wrong, present tense can be cool–it can also come across as pretentious. 325 more words


A Bit of Grammar: Verb Tense and Aspect

Today I’m going to put on my bossy grammar hat and talk about a misconception that was brought to my attention the other day during a chat with my critique group. 1,465 more words