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Simple Present Tense and Present Progressive Tense

Verb Tenses

To walk—regular verb

Simple Present Tense

I walk               we walk

you walk           they walk

he/she/it walks

Regular verbs often end with -s when the subject is “he”, “she”, or “it”. 320 more words

Verb Tenses

Verb Tense

Chances are that if you have a kid with a language disorder, you have a kid with verb tense problems.  Verb tense overlaps with many language skills, such as subject-verb agreement, production of infinitive verbs, irregular past tense, question formation, and helping verbs. 211 more words

12 Tenses

A great writing tool that helps breakdown the twelve verb tenses with examples. Please click on the picture for clear, larger resolution.


I'm So Tense

I’ve been tempted over the last few weeks to post about the horrible things customers do and say. I’ve also wanted to air out grievances regarding terrible and (borderline) criminal management practices, and the terrible toll that customer service takes on one’s physical and mental health. 418 more words

Phone Monkey

Same Verb Forms, Other Uses

Learning English would be simpler if we only had to teach one use for each verb form, right? But when we get into tense and aspect, there are multiple uses we have to cover. 325 more words

Jennifer Lebedev

Verb Tenses Practice

Read the theory and practise with LearnEnglish© British Council!

English Grammar

Simple Past and Present Perfect Activity

This activity helps students review the difference between simple past and present perfect by asking and answering questions using both tenses. 295 more words