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Subjects and verbs must agree in person.

Few writers would write “Bob love tuna sandwiches.” They would write “loves.”

In the present tense, if the subject of a verb can be replaced by… 157 more words


Verb Tenses and Modes (part 1)

Again, I want to simplify, so I will separate the idea of tense from the idea of mode.

A verb tense refers to the time period represented by the verb. 406 more words

Structure Thoughts

Say When

Say When

How to Play:

1)  Place  cards in three stacks in the middle of the table next to the board.

2)  Put games pieces on one of the numbers. 65 more words

Revisions on the 10th of June

I was originally thinking of changing the POV of the short story I am working on from first person to third person, but upon reading over it and making notes, I really think all it needs is a verb tense change from Past to Present or even Present Perfect. 65 more words

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