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Practicing the Verb Tenses

I am having my third session with my English teacher, Chris Delacruz.  Today, we practiced the verb tenses: past tense.


Simple: +d, +ed, +ied, irregular… 992 more words

Past Perfect

Verb tenses in fiction writing, POV, Point of view of narration in fiction

Verb tenses in fiction writing are confusing, at least they were for me.  Hence, why I’m writing this post.  I’m hoping I can help, and not confuse you more :) 1,309 more words

Heat Energy Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt 3SC standards

Go around room and choose the correct verb to complete the sentence about heat energy.  After you finish, write the underlined letter for each answer in the puzzle on the back to solve the puzzle.   8 more words

Conjugation Relay

This game is fantastic for reviewing verb conjugations and great for big classes. Students have to work in teams to try and conjugate verbs as quickly and correctly as possible.