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French Moods and Tenses

Let me start by giving you the map, which you may call a “cheat sheet”:

A verb in the purest form (without a noun or subject pronoun to perform the action) is called an infinitive. 1,189 more words

Verb Tenses

A Question of Tense - part 3

If you’ve read Parts 1 and 2 of this blog title, you’re probably sick of hearing about verb tenses by now.  I’m going to start thinking about something else, I promise, but here’s the last thing I’ve got to say on the subject. 341 more words

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Hi Everyone,

Today still feels a little like a holiday, so we started off with a basic review of two verb tenses – present simple and present continuous.                             333 more words

Wild Wednesdays

Jungle Breakout

Play Jungle Breakout to practice the simple past, focusing on both regular and irregular verbs.

You may have to make sentences or ask questions, but the goal is to climb the vine to reach the top. 7 more words


Simple Present Tense and Present Progressive Tense

Verb Tenses

To walk—regular verb

Simple Present Tense

I walk               we walk

you walk           they walk

he/she/it walks

Regular verbs often end with -s when the subject is “he”, “she”, or “it”. 320 more words

Verb Tenses

Verb Tense

Chances are that if you have a kid with a language disorder, you have a kid with verb tense problems.  Verb tense overlaps with many language skills, such as subject-verb agreement, production of infinitive verbs, irregular past tense, question formation, and helping verbs. 211 more words

12 Tenses

A great writing tool that helps breakdown the twelve verb tenses with examples. Please click on the picture for clear, larger resolution.