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There are five elements that make up a sentence. These elements are subject, verb, object, complement, and adverbial. For explanations of these terms, click here. Of these five elements, only two-subject and verb- are compulsory, the rest are optional. 1,349 more words



害 がい harm,injury

害する がいする to injure, 危害 きがい harm, danger, 災害 さいがい calamity, 殺害 さつがい killing, 加害者 かがいしゃ assailant, 無害 むがい harmlessness, 妨害 ぼうがい hindrance, 妨害放送 ぼうがいほうそう radio jamming, 不安障害 ふあんしょうがい anxiety disorder, … 7 more words


Dillydalloway: (v.)

To loiter, to fritter, to dawdle while shopping.


Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the froyo herself…



Designer: Pallavi Singhee

About: Pallavi Singhee is a Graduate from the ‘National Institute of Fashion Technology’. She launched her  label ‘Verb’ in January 2007. Timeless and Spacefree, ‘Verb’ believes in ‘Free Fashion’. 374 more words


I Don't Care About Battlestar Galactica


Today Kyle and Josh argue about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Also, what does it say about you when Youtube’s “Recommended For You” videos are all a bunch of softcore fetish porn? 17 more words


As if he were right

Let’s assume that the writer for the Yahoo! front page is male. He wrote this as if he were right in using the indicative mood of the verb: 25 more words


VBAAC Bypass - Verb Based Authentication and Access Control.

This post would be dedicated to VBAAC bypass which is detailed in the ongoing research documentation I had been doing. The part of this series belongs to ‘Web Application Exploitation’ and has been pinned to this post for personal purpose of reference. 286 more words

Web Application Exploitation