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Basic sentence structure

For English speakers, as well as speakers of most European languages would know that the sentence structure of those languages is mainly.

Subject – Verb – Object… 290 more words


Today's Word Of The Day: Extol

Extol (v). To praise. Stephanie’s teacher presented her with the award, extolling her many achievements. #Word

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(Not) For Sale

So last night I was just scrolling through Twitter when a tweet caught my eye.  It was a link to a news story which I haven’t read, but the headline described a female politician wanting to outlaw the selling of sex.   325 more words

Dream In Music MAD LIBS!!

Well, bloggers, it’s time to have some fun-Here is a Dream In Music Mad Lib that YOU can fill in, and hopefully give me ideas for my future stories. 213 more words




Definition: (verb) Attempt by employing effort. Synonyms: strive Usage: The candidate promised to endeavor to improve the quality of life in the inner city, but once in office, she did nothing of the sort. Discuss.

Today's Word Of The Day: Waffle

Waffle (v). To talk vaguely. The Senator kept waffling and no one knew what his real position was. #Word

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Despite my general narcissistic and jaded point of view, I still do think this world we live in, is an astonishingly, beautiful, blessed place to live. 393 more words