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Conjugating verbs: Present Tense

There are likely going to be many posts about verbs. However, to start with here’s how to conjugate the regular form of the present tense. 164 more words


Human blogger explains error

The subject of a sentence and its verb must agree in number. I don’t make up these rules, I just point out public offenses made by professionals who should know better. 21 more words


Saturday Synopsis

After worship, our pastor stood in the narthex and greeted parish members.

Seeing the young boy salute his father’s casket created a doleful memory.

My uncle’s… 39 more words


You can't choose all four

“Drives are embedded in the city walls. Here is how they looks like.”

What confuses me here is the correct form of “its” followed by this hodgepodge of 4 possible phrases:

30 more words


quench–verb: put out the light or fire of.

After frying bacon and eggs I quenched the glowing coals with three pales of water.


Map: What an Arabic Verb Looks Like!

I created this verb map in order to demonstrate both the complexity and elegance of the Arabic verb. In this case, I have illustrated the verb ‘to do; to affect’ (فَعَلَ), which is a “Form I” verb (derived from the triliteral root ف-ع-ل). 369 more words