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Where prices are superfluous

Regardless of what they might think at yahoo.com, readers aren’t interested in the cheapest and most expensive beer prices, they’re interested in the cheapest and most expensive… 46 more words



I intend to write this blog post in E-Prime – a form of English that avoids the verb to be. Advocates of E-Prime claim that it forces the writer to express him or herself more honestly and clearly and encourages the use of strong active verbs rather than the flabby is, are etc. 577 more words


Not a good place for that

Headlines in mile-high letters are not good places for grammatical errors.

I bet the writer for Yahoo! Sports would really be embarrassed to learn that his… 6 more words


Which subject and verb?

Which subject and verb tell the world, “I don’t give a crap about grammar”? The subject and mismatched verb on the Yahoo! front page:


Verbs #4

Poder – To be able to, can

Yo puedo

Tu puedes

El/Ella puede

Nosotrous podemos

Ellos/Ellas pueden


Today I Am a Noun

I am a noun this September afternoon.

More the ken uncapitalized with the meaning

of one’s range of knowledge or sight.

Today a verb is beyond my ken. 10 more words