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Saturday Synopsis

Maria wears curlers beneath her wimple.

Zouaves, in blue jackets and their baggy red pants, marched with impressive precision.

A whimpering cub tried repeatedly to… 43 more words


Verb VRB004S Small Yellow LED Watch with Built in

The simple tenses of verbs are typically used to teach people who are beginning to learn English. Many recognize that there are several, more complex… 291 more words




Slang To leave hurriedly.

This is the most boring program ever. Let us vamoose after we’ve eaten.

Source: The American Heritage Dictionary Fifth Edition


I am swamped!

Actually, it’s not me that is swamped right now – if anything, I’ve had a rather leisurely week, reading an exciting novel, baking biscuits and brownies for my family in Russia and doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. 207 more words

Words And Expressions

Greek Word of the Day| 17 December 2014

ὁμολογέω / homologeõ (hom-ah-log-eh-oh)

verb: promise, assure; agree, admit; confess; declare (publicly), acknowledge

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Word Of The Day

Rule [Verb]

In the same way that seasons are ruled by a proximity to the sun, I was governed by my distance to her. And it wasn’t just a physical distance, either. 239 more words


Invent [Verb]

Cold air tingled the top of her hands, blowing loosely from the slated vents overhead. The air churned through a convoluted maze of metal tubing–some cylinders bigger than others; some pipes smaller than the rest–until, from the five, metal slits just above her stool at the counter, the air was expelled from the twisted invention. 161 more words