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Definition: (verb) Attempt by employing effort. Synonyms: strive Usage: The candidate promised to endeavor to improve the quality of life in the inner city, but once in office, she did nothing of the sort. Discuss.

Today's Word Of The Day: Waffle

Waffle (v). To talk vaguely. The Senator kept waffling and no one knew what his real position was. #Word

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Despite my general narcissistic and jaded point of view, I still do think this world we live in, is an astonishingly, beautiful, blessed place to live. 393 more words


To pocket-call

Almost every dinner at our place is cooked and eaten to the soundtrack of Marc Riley’s show on BBC 6 Music. His today’s show, apart from the good music, as usual, had a rare linguistic treat for me – I learnt a new word and, most importantly, it was one of those I-never-new-there-was-a-word-for-it-in-English-words. 87 more words

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GWT- Putzen


verb to clean

Sample sentences:

Der Mann putzt den Ofen.

 The man is cleaning the oven.

 Das Hausmädchen putzt gerade das Fenster.

 The housekeeper is cleaning the window.


How Should Writers Toss The Adverb?

Writing with minimal words to get your point across to the reader can be challenging for any writer. Over at Words In The Treehouse, Trish Nicolson has some great tips on how to make your point without saying alot and making sure your reader gets it. 273 more words