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A Nightmare at the Ballet

Such creativity

A beautiful mind

Constantly spilling inspiration out onto a page


A most intoxicating and graceful tune

Such creativity

Comes from within the mind… 235 more words

Not to Dad...Never Stops Bleeding

My Dad was bullied bad.
Bullied at school
and bullied at home
by my crazy Uncle and
(at the time)
physically and emotionally abusive
Grandfather… 257 more words


The Strangest Insult.

One time the narcissist was telling me how disgusted he was with me. I was a waste of his valuable time because I didn’t understand the things he wanted me to understand. 69 more words


The Phoenix



Complete with fresh ink and all it’s bright colors

Carefully placed

Sight unseen

Rise from its ashes a new person



Once again perfect in every way… 153 more words

Quote of the day

me: you shouldn’t let your car idle. it’s bad for the environment.

boss: get fucking bent, sweetheart.


Broken bones heal faster than broken hearts...

Talk is cheap.
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words…

The story we’re told from childhood is that words don’t carry a lot of weight. 228 more words