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What Do Psychopaths and "Family" Court Have in Common?

The hardest part of living with a psychopath was the denial of my reality.

I don’t want to move ArtGirl out of her daycare. That has always been my top priority in looking for a new house.

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Verbal Abuse

Fade Away

Fade away

The names

Fading away

The texts

Fading away

The lies

Fading away

The towns

Fading away

Into nothing

What do I want?

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My Box of Chocolates

I grew up in an old fashioned household in Europe in a family of six. I had to work pretty hard throughout my childhood on the small family farm that had been in the family for several generations. 286 more words


Narcissism Quiz Time.

How many Narcissistic Behaviors can you identify in this seemingly inane conversation between my ex-husband and myself? Hint: it’s bigger than a breadbox.

Narcissist: Hi. I haven’t spoken to you in three calendar years because when you left your telephone number on my answering machine, you didn’t speak clearly. 858 more words


Words With Edges

It has recently come to my attention that I am under no obligation to appease anyone with my words or actions. This is actually completely liberating, as I have been living under the impression that it was my duty to ensure the comfort and general contentment of others. 665 more words

15 Signs You Are Being Gaslighted

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1. Your significant other accuses you of siding with or having affairs with people he or she works with even thought you have no contact with these people WHATSOEVER. 664 more words


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This post describes ways in which the narcissist's psychological abuse builds over time. One slight comment alone is odd, but the accumulation of small pokes combine and build to become an abusive cage. It's a good read.

The Bully: Questions Part 1

Since leaving my abuser, I have been going to Freedom Programme sessions run by the local Women’s Aid service. This week we looked at The Bully aspect of The Dominator, and filled in some answers to questions regarding our own Bully. 2,160 more words

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