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to an inspiring friend (friendship)

we were walking along tavistock square

tracing the roots of modern english literature

“something was in the air”

“reoccurring each year”

and while we were watching the statute of her… 63 more words



Verbally: Reciting truths that build up your confidence instead of tearing it down.

Sometimes we can be our own worst bully.  We talk down to ourselves, believe lies that we aren’t worthy of _______, tell ourselves we can’t do or be _______.   524 more words

Tawni Alston - Verbal/Disclosure

Self-Disclosure Facilitates Expression

Interpersonal relationships heavily rely on openness in order to forge meaningful, deep connections. Openness is defined by Johnson (1997) on pg. 210 as “participants’ willingness to share their ideas, feelings, and reactions to the current situation”. 397 more words


Jess Verba - Verbal/Disclosure

As I read the chapter on self-disclosure, I realized that this concept is part of what was missing in my conversation with Qingyun (see my nonverbals post for more on that). 344 more words


Wayne Veldsman - Verbal/Disclosure

Eric and I are starting to form a great relationship but I am afraid that I do not always understand the true meaning of what he is trying to express to me. 223 more words


Hannah Deichman - Verbal/Disclosure

Self discloser would have a great impact on the friendship between Georgia, Yun Li’s, and me. The first meeting with my conversation partner, I will be honest was a very superficial, surface level conversation. 213 more words