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This Is Not A Blog

It occurs to me that I don’t use my blog the same way most people do.  That sentence alone is a hint as to what I do.  367 more words


She awakens in a quiet, dark place

Yet instantly her heart and head

Begin to throb from the immense pressure.

Last night’s poison of choice? 562 more words

Short video for wives: Recognizing emotional abuse

Click below to watch this 2 minute video revealing signs of emotional abuse in a relationship


Communication Skills

Forget the thumb screws and water boarding, if you want to know something about someone, just put them and SWMBO in the same rest room with tea and coffee on tap. 440 more words


A Response to "Emotional Grammar"

Does your movement language impact your verbal one?

When I think of language, I believe it encompasses not only the words that come out of our mouth, but the facial expressions, body motions, and tone and inflection of one’s voice when communicating.   1,115 more words


Im blessed with respectful kids.

This evening I was verbally abused by some teenage boys outside my home. My crime was to park my car outside my house and to do so they had to move off the road where they where playing football for me to get passed them. 262 more words

It Seems To Me


All the best for CAT, everybody! Today, we finally come face to face with the incubus that’s been hovering over our minds for months.  A day for dedication, a day for dreams, a day for destiny… 495 more words