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A Verbose Mind

Does she have anything worth saying AT ALL? Or is she just dumb?

Maybe she’s hiding something. You know: The quiet ones are always doing the evil plotting. 199 more words

Daily Prompt-Inspired

After two pints

The haze is mild, bearable -
it filters the blur into the intimate
core of the sensory impulses
some of which will or would
or would have prompted sensitive… 369 more words


The One That Won't

Mundane monotony she hand-picked for her life.

Reluctant to change, she avoided the so-famed exhilaration.

Life was all she wanted it to be.

Mediocrity resounded at every corner of the prism… 103 more words


Log : methods and types

According to the  Android Developers , Log is a logging class that you can utilize in your code to print out messages to the LogCat… 192 more words


Virgin Post! Taras loses it over The Biggest Loser!

This is the first post in a blog for me. So let me start by saying the reason I am writing is to get it out of my system. 1,038 more words