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COMM2531 Media Objects - Task 1: My Reflection on "The Thief"

The Thief’s Success

For our group project, we decided on the interpretation of ‘Success’ in the context of a thief’s successful take on an unsuspecting victim. 898 more words


Reexamining the Reblog

The last time we discussed reblogging, your opinions in the comments were mixed:  some of you felt that reblogging was a great compliment, and others felt that it was something akin to theft. 916 more words

General Advice & Pro Tips

JenT reblogged this on Random Acts of Photography and commented:

Apologies to my regular readers for yet another post on the new Reblog, but this is my current bugaboo and with good reason. It's all well and good to discuss reblogging netiquette and karma, but the nuts and bolts of reblogging are broken and we community members cannot fix this. Besides the written content in a reblog still being overly long, the current iteration of reblogging a post with visual content pulls every image in that post into the reblogger's Media Library whether it's used in the reblog or not. I've discussed this on this site and at length on WPcomMaven. Further aspects to consider: what are the ramifications if someone reblogs a post that contains purchased stock images which are licensed only to the original site? What about posts where a person has permission from the original content creator to post their content (not a reblog), but then someone else comes along and reblogs it? There are too many aspects of reblogging that WPcom doesn't seem to have thought through to the end or perhaps that their Terms of Use absolves them of any responsibility. Don't get me wrong, I've been on WPcom now close to 8 years and continue to recommend it to my colleagues and clients. However the new Reblog needs some tough love that only Staff can give.

Flickr ending Share to WordPress option March 25th

For the full story:  Welcome back HTML Embeds! Goodbye to some sharing options.

The salient part is:

Secondly, we are announcing that we are deprecating the support for our built-in sharing options for WordPress , Blogger and LiveJournal on 3/25.

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One Image 3 Ways

A week ago we signed up for a free, Friday morning field trip to Mt. Gilboa with the Jewish National Fund. I’d been waiting very impatiently since our day trip several weeks ago to the same area because it was too early and there wasn’t a single Gilboa Iris to be seen. 406 more words


Of Mushrooms and Aircraft Carriers

When I started blogging a decade ago I did it under the banner of “The Tattered Thread” on the idea that the any attempt to tie one post together with the next would be a pretty difficult endeavor. 765 more words

Word of the Day: Verbose

It’s the word of the day.  I had to use this one at some point! Just getting it out of the way… :)

“Not feeling particularly verbose, she replied with only a nod of her head.” 17 more words


Allegiant: A wordy way to end the series

While Veronica Roth’s Allegiant would pull students’ heartstrings with beloved characters and thought-provoking concepts, Roth fills the disappointing 526 pages with drawn-out details, unlike the quick-moving plot of… 239 more words

Young Adult Literature