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Pics or It Didn't Happen: The New Crisis of Connected Cameras - Atlantic

In days or weeks, when the United States again drops bombs on the Islamic State, it will commence its first war shaped and driven by networked photography—the twinned phenomena of ubiquitous, Internet-connected cameras to take pictures and screens to view them.

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Blog's Birthday! (Verbose)

If ever there was a day
For a twenty-five hour day
It would have been today!

And that’s because from when I awoke
To when I now sit… 123 more words


Image Broken while sharing through Instagram using Android Content Provider

I’ve used Content Provider for sending files in Uri. I’ve used the below code for doing this :

public Uri fileSharingUsingContentProvider(File tempFile)
 String filePath = tempFile.getAbsolutePath(); // tempFile is the image file .... 164 more words

Short and Sweet

Brevity pulls me 

From the long winded scribe –

Touch of cotton

Brevity: The fuel efficient car of words

Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Brevity Pulls

“’I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.’ — Blaise Pascal. Where do you fall on the brevity/verbosity spectrum?” -

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A Verbose Mind

Does she have anything worth saying AT ALL? Or is she just dumb?

Maybe she’s hiding something. You know: The quiet ones are always doing the evil plotting. 199 more words