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Review - Son of a Witch (The Wicked Years #2) by Gregory Maguire

2 months and 15 days.  That’s how long it took me to get through Son of a Witch.  Considering I average about a book every 2-3 days, that tells you something. 185 more words

Book Reviews

Like a coin on a railroad track, Life has a funny way of jumping up and derailing our best intentions. My focus at the moment is about 4,500 kilometers from me. 62 more words


The sandwich critique (a how to guide)

Let me confess one thing right away; I have been scolded, trashed and even threatened for giving critique on a photo. Not for using a excuse but I’m Dutch (The Netherlands or Holland) it’s like a New Yorker that will tell you straight out and blunt what they think. 646 more words


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So far the Photo101 assignments have been interesting, certainly, but generally void of real critique. New followers and/or likes on our assignment posts can be an ego boost, but will those types of feedback help you grow as a photographer? blips posted a guide to critiquing your fellow Photo101 participants' photos without falling into the trap of Minnesota "nice". A worthy read.

Interlude: Why Mobile?

During our long trip abroad to Norway and Germany at the end of May (was it only in May?!) I took the opportunity to upgrade my failing 3 year-old smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy Ace, to a much newer… 259 more words


Vim - show current mapping for a key/key pattern

To do this, you need to use verbose command like this

verbose map <keypattern>


verbose map ,h

If you have any mapping for this, it will be shown(my current mapping for ,h is <C-w>h)


Intuitive unreasoning

Is it really reasonable to act reasonably? What does being reasonable mean really? Adhering to reasons? Well aren’t reasons fluid… within reason?
It seems unreasonable to use reason as a strict guide when a logical approach fails by its own rules because it limits the ability to use the intuition or imagination when solving whatever it is… 288 more words