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December Diamante

I know it seems like this is all I’ve been doing these last few posts, but it keeps me busy. Staying out in the country where I am it’s difficult to find some space where I can just ‘be’ and sort through my thoughts, forming them into coherent stories, without, you know, starting to become melodramatic. 101 more words


Day 6 - Topic 6 : Welcome

Today is Wednesday, 17 December 2015. 今天是2015年12月17日,周三。

Part 1. Basics

  1. 欢迎 (huān yíng)= welcome
  2. 来(lái ) = come
  3. 去(qù)= go
  4. 看(kàn)= see
  5. 到(dào)= arrive…
  6. 364 more words

Principali Verbi Irregolari (raggruppati per assonanza)

I verbi irregolari sono spesso un piccolo incubo per chi studia una seconda lingua anche se nel caso della lingua inglese il numero di varianti è decisamente ridotto essendo al massimo due per ogni verbo, spesso una sola e a volte nessuno. 64 more words


The number is close to one

The number of errors that you’ll find in this sentence from Yahoo! Celebrity is close to one:

It’s so close to one, that it is one. 82 more words


"Make a difference"

I would like to say hello and welcome to the followers of this blog. If you have any questions please ASK in the comments box or just HI! 143 more words


As you are wont to do

It may be a simple case of a missing apostrophe or it may be a case of mistaken word. The writers at Yahoo! Sports are wont to make both types of error: 20 more words