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1 job you would have

You, too, could be an editor! If you can spot the incorrect word in this headline from Yahoo! Celebrity you might have what it takes! 55 more words


Ruining English

The people responsible for the writing on the Yahoo! front page seem to be part of a media culture that often ruins the language:

It happens when the writer can’t match the subject (like, oh, say, maybe… 6 more words


How to Write Description

Description is the bedrock of storytelling. Good description brings a scene to life and makes it vivid in the reader’s imagination. This is achieved by following one of writing’s sacred rules: 776 more words


Lesson 6!

This lesson was intense but it was the kind of lesson that when I final got around to looking at the clock we only had 20 minutes left! 626 more words


What are you waiting for?

Se stai aspettando un segnale, eccolo!

In inglese il verbo to wait può essere usato come un verbo transitivo come in italiano (legato direttamente ad un complemento oggetto senza il bisogno di una preposizione) ma è piuttosto insolito tranne in qualche caso specifico che vedremo. 935 more words


Working your Spanish (The Bogotá Post)

The latest edition of The Bogotá Post, Bogotá’s finest English-language newspaper, has come out, and once again yours truly had a piece on the world’s finest language: Spanish. 1,068 more words