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Verdun - Other Parts of the Battlefield

All around Verdun are restatements of the war. The London Trench is a reinforced communication trench line about 500 yards behind Fort Douaumont. The 61ieme RAD monument is a quarter mile off the road to Fort Douaumont. 40 more words

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Verdun - Fort Douaumont

Fort Douaumont was one of the forts that made up Verdun. Although not particularly strategically important when the battle started, it became the focus of many battles. 100 more words

World War I

Verdun - The Ossuary

The Ossuary at Verdun is one of the iconic sites of World War One, both in design and significance. It contains the bones of 130,000 soldiers of both conutries that were collected from the battlefield at the end of the war. 224 more words

World War I

Verdun - Fleury

Fleury was a town near the fortresses that made up the fortifications of Verdun. During the battle the town was completely obliterated. All that is left now are shell craters and little plaques that indicate where the town buildings stood and what occupation of the inhabitants were. 39 more words

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We spent a Sunday late morning and afternoon at Verdun. Arriving from Reims via the highway, you approach Verdun along the sacred way, which was the only source of supplies during the war. 98 more words

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A semester with Homework Zone

This semester, Erin will be writing on the blog about her own experiences with Homework Zone. After reading this beautiful piece, we’re really looking forward to what else she has up her sleeve! 946 more words

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340 mm gun or 14 inch gun?

You have probably already seen this picture on some books or web sites, with the following caption: “Navy 14 inch Railway Gun from Springfield Arsenal LLC in France, 1918, Firing from Thierville-sur-Meuse”. 83 more words