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Questioning sources in crisis-reporting.

Raise your hand if you have ever believed something you read online that turned out to be false. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone, you can put your hand back down. 877 more words

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You cannot trust the internet, but you can trust news websites. Can you not?

In this day and age the internet plays a very large role in our lives. Vacation pictures are going on Facebook and Instagram, our funny conversations with friends are Tweeted and Retweeted and songs we or our children sing are recorded and uploaded to YouTube. 1,019 more words

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Let It Be - The USB Security Key

We asked to be relieved of troubles associated with the annoying passwords, and this is what we get in the return. The two step verification, which includes your phone and an SMS or a voice call confirmation. 189 more words

No notary? No problem! The Little-Known Rules about Unsworn Declarations

Need an affidavit but don’t have a notary handy? Running up against a deadline to respond to interrogatories? Many litigators—especially those who represent individuals—can save the hassle… 250 more words


Following last week’s post about content verification, here is a second possible solution to the problem of imperfect copyright infringement detectors: whitelisting. For those of you who do not know, … 680 more words

Voter Lookup: Check Your Info Now

This year’s United States Congressional election is the most important one to date! Check your voter information now, and make sure you get out to the polls this November! 25 more words


I am correct(ed)

Today is blog day. Sadly though, my inspiration has remained dormant all day. So I turned to Google, because Google never fails to provide an answer. 411 more words