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Panty Verification

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of stuff about the titillating world of reddit pantyselling. Given my inquisitive nature, I felt inclined to check it out but was impeded by my fundamental lack of computer skills and reddit experience :(. 213 more words

Search From Available Tools

Discover what is available to you! If there is not a tool you would like to use available to you, you can add it to your list. 12 more words


Not an Uber Ride

I heard about Uber for the first time when they hit a roadblock with RBI over their payment system. Intrigued, I wanted to check out their business model. 620 more words


3 Ethical Pressure Points for Journalists on Twitter

Shades of gray: Rumor, intent and context in reporting on social media

By David Craig

This post is a condensed version of an article I wrote on the website Mediamorals.org.

1,105 more words

The secret behind background checks in India—and why they fail

The Uber rape case in New Delhi has revealed the murky underbelly of slapdash background checks in India.

Uber is not alone. In a growing economy like India, companies are often seen in a mad rush to hire in the hundreds. 572 more words

Kuliah Scientific Value

Blog Draft  (perlu diedit dan dirapikan)

Salah 1 ujian tertulis terpanjang yg aku alami. 3.5jam. Pelajarannya susah (begitupun ujiannya). Tp aku suka banget. Menurutku ilmunya keren. 431 more words

Ad Consequentiam Fallacy