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Shimba Hills verification

I landed in Mombasa for the 3rd verification of our Shimba Hills Improved Cookstove Project on the 30th of June. I was nervous and excited at the same time, as this was my first on-site cookstove audit and also my very first trip to Kenya, but my worries soon disappeared and had a very interesting time both professionally and personally.  121 more words


Symbiotic Relationship between Journalism and Blogging

Rettberg’s chapter on citizen journalists explained the discrepancies between journalism and blogging, how blogs have impacted journalism, and the symbiotic relationship between the two methods of communication. 417 more words

Blogger vs. Journalist: Tomato - Tomahto?

Lately it seems that the terms “blogger” and “journalist” are used interchangeably.  Both can be keen users of digital media. Both write intriguing, informative pieces on current events, politics, and the like. 664 more words


You’re Wrong

You may think you’re right, but you’re wrong about that too.

But what was I wrong about in the first place? you might ask. That’s a good question, but not important. 811 more words

Want to help fact-check breaking news like the Malaysian airplane disaster? Here's how and where you can do it

By now, anyone who spends much time on social media has gotten pretty used to the deluge of information that occurs whenever there is a breaking-news event like… 1,355 more words


Live: Crowdsourced Verification Platform for Disaster Response

Earlier this year, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 suddenly vanished, which set in motion the largest search and rescue operation in history—both on the ground and online. 681 more words