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This is what paying an internet toll to Comcast looks like

Netflix download speeds over Comcast internet networks in the United States instantly rose 55% after the two companies struck a controversial deal to offer faster service for a fee. 168 more words

We are watching Verizon FiOS on demand

We’ve watched a fair amount of movies using Verizon FIOS on demand, and I gotta say, I feel like this image is indicative of the entire experience. 118 more words

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Do the Big Companies Even Want to Get it Right?

The latest Consumer Reports rankings are out for telecom providers, and the results are much the same as in past years. There are many different groups that rate companies and we often hear of reports that put the cable companies at the bottom of all companies in terms of customer service. 594 more words

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Rhode Island Coffee Shop Is Chock Full O’ FiOS

Sure, his coffee’s great. But Dave Levesque doesn’t need caffeine to get him energized. He has four coffee shops in Rhode Island and the power of FiOS to keep him going strong. 54 more words

San Diego missing fast-Internet future - No Google Fiber or Verizon FIOS

San Diego missing fast-Internet future

I have to say, I’m disappointed that San Diego isn’t further ahead with fast internet.  I mean, really San Diego? Pittsburgh has high speed FIOS so how can the innovative San Diego not be keeping up?  941 more words

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More bad news to heavy internet/gamers: Verizon says gamers should pay more for bandwidth

Verizon says gamers should pay more for bandwidth

Company provides new statement on the matter.

Following the publication of this story, Verizon public policy representative Ed McFadden released a statement on the matter, concerning Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam’s original comments and a follow-up story on the… 459 more words

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